Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ashley Loo (16)


Issue being discussed here is that a Car salesman, Wayne Lim Yen Yew, 32 hurling a coke can and coins at Mr Shaun Lim Chin Seng's car. I observed that the victim didn't really do anything that is particularly able to annoy the culprit. The culprit just went on and on to disturb the victim by throwing cans and coins at his car, damaging his car. When the culprit was asked by the victim why is he doing that, he even said hokkien vulgarities back at him. This is very rude of the culprit since the victim was innocent and the culprit didn't even think much and started to hurt him. The culprit should think twice before he acts. This incident was even happening on the road which may result in an even more fatal situation, they are lucky enough. However, the culprit is still at fault and should stop this since it is very dangerous. 

The writer didn't make any point of view but I agree with the judge that sentenced him to jail for 4 weeks. This kind of rash and reckless person who doesn't really care about others should be dealt rightfully. This jail sentence hopefully can mend his way and stop all of his dangerous actions that can hurt others. I hope that nothing this ridiculous will happen in Singapore anymore. We should not learn from his actions and be considerate and think of others before we act. 


  1. I agree with your views that it was rude of Mr Wayne Lim to hurl cans and coins on Mr Shaun Lim's car, and also hurling Hokkien vulgarities at him. These acts by Wayne Lim are road aggression, and I feel that there is no need for the law to deal with him lightly as he ought to be taught a hard lesson that it is simply unacceptable for road bullies to reign the roads of Singapore. We should not tolerate any actions that put the lives of others at risk. Should this incident cause a car accident on the road, it could have been more serious if there were fatalities. Wayne Lim would have been charged for an even serious offense, and Shaun Lim might also have been a casualty. Instead of bringing harm to others, Wayne Lim could have been more considerate and mindful of his etiquette on the roads. This way, our roads will be filled with gracious drivers, instead of ignorant road bullies and aggressive drivers.

  2. He is workin at vincar pte ltd at alexcier off alexandra road as a car salesman