Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ashley Loo (16)

The issue being discussed here is that an eight-month old Hei Hudie, is finally able to stand in all fours despite having to depend on a special walking aid- a set of wheels. It was told that it fell from the 17th floor of a building to its fifth floor, fracturing its lumbar bone. Four operations were needed in five months to remove its spleen, kidney and gland under the tongue as well as to repair its bladder, causing its hind legato be dysfunctional. It must also wear a nappy as it cannot clean itself without its hind legs. I observed that what this cat experienced was very unfortunate since it was injured and it needs a walking aid now. The good Samaritans who saved it were also very kind and helpful. Without them, Hei Hudie won't be here alive. We should really learn from them to help people, even when it's animals, in need. 

The writer didn't make a point of view but from my point of view, I think that Hei Hudie doesn't give up very easily. Having experienced this fatal accident, it was still brave to face four operations that has caused many uncomfort to it. It did not give up, it did not think negatively to its recovery. We all should learn from it. Also, I feel very happy for it to be living happily at a safe place, in Dr Cheng's office. I hope that it will continue to live happily and be safe! 

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  1. I feel that those Samaritans who helped Hei Hudie is indeed commendable. Despite being humans who are unable to communicate with animals, they helped the poor feline nevertheless, giving it a new chance to survive and live normally again after its unfortunate fall. It would be great if more people are willing to help animals and aid them in their lives, rather than abuse or hurt the animals.