Saturday, 21 March 2015

Audrey Yeo (01)

 Summary: more than 230 rats were killed in a hill at Bukit Batok and was declared rat free in January 2015. Previously, the residents of Bukit Batok had suffered rat horror days but with 30 pest controllers involved in this rat clearing operation, the area was rat free in just 3 weeks.

 I feel that the National Environment Agency (NEA) and all the other pest controllers had did a very good job in clearing away the rodents. They worked an average of 15 hours a day and due to their speedy labor, Bukit Batok residents are saved from rat horror days. It is stated that they are still monitoring the area frequently for rat activities. In my opinion, the increase in rat population is because we residents are always feeding the stray cats and dogs food and these food are left behind which will attract many pests like the rats. Rats gives births to hundreds of babies in a very short period of time and thus increased the population rapidly. We should not feed these stray animals as they are able to fend for themselves. Moreover, rats thrive in unsanitary conditions and are well known to be agents of illnesses. In order for us not to encounter anymore rat horror days, we should play our part and keep our environment clean

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  1. I would like to compliment NEA's weeks of efforts in dealing with rat infestation problem at Bukit Batok. Their sense of responsibility had pushed them to work long hours, keeping Bukit Batok hill rat-free within 3 weeks. On the other hand, I am glad to hear that NEA will continue to monitor the hill for rat activities. Lastly, I hope Singaporeans will be able to co-operate by exercising social responsibility and stop feeding the stray dogs, which is the root of the problem. Tackling the root of the problem is the most effective way to solve this issue.