Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Calyn Seah (2)

Issue being discussed: Adults reviewing primary school education system, debating if they are focusing too much on academic and not life skills or physical health.
General observations about issue discussed: primary school students are stressed out by the amount of homework and it robs them of sleep and recreation at their age. Thus, action has been taken to extend physical education lessons to 2hours per week.
How the writer approaches this issue: She agrees to review primary school education system as she finds that it is focusing on academic and not sports and character development. 
Relating to singapore context: I think this is a good idea because singapore is focusing TOO much on academics. The government say "every school is a good school". I think not, even primary school kids' parents are desperately wanting their children to go school likes 'nanyang primary', 'Henry park'. Academics is the most important thing, neglecting physical health, sports etc. So , we should really review how our educational system is like and focus more on character development, mental health which will benefit us more at the end of the day.

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  1. I disagree with you. I think schools are focusing not only on students' academic but others as well. Every school has CCA and CCAs have different types. There are sports CCA, performing arts CCA and others. CCAs allow students to be more sociable and develope their talents. This proves that schools don't only focus on their academics. Furthermore, we also have CCE lessons, health education, physical education, art and music lessons in primary schools. These subjects don't focus on our academic. They allow students to have fun, enjoy and learn things that are not tested. This also shows that schools don't on our academics.
    So in conclusion, I disagree with your point.