Sunday, 22 March 2015

Calyn Seah (2)

Issue being discussed: Rats at Bukit Batok are killed and now the hill is finally rat free.
General observations about issue discussed: I think that the people throwing food to the dogs are really selfish and inconsiderate. There are severe consequences of their actions like having more rats breeding which is quite dangerous as there are many houses beside the hill. 
How the writer approaches this issue: The writer said that cameras were built in to catch the people throwing food to the dogs there and this shows that measures are certainly taken.
Relating to singapore context: As I live in Bukit Batok, the rat issue concerns me as well. I'm glad NEA finally took some action to kill the rats as it was quite disturbing to know that there are over hundreds of rats breeding because of inconsiderate people who keep throwing food to the dogs at the hill, inviting rats to breed more and more.

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  1. I agree with you. Even though some of them are simply being kind hearted and give food to the dog, but their action brought unthinkable consequences. Their action caused the rat infestation on the hill. Rats are not only dirty but also dangerous as they would bite people and pass on diseases. I think you are right that they should not throw the food even if they just wanted to be kind and give them to the wild dogs.