Thursday, 12 March 2015

Chew Jing Heng (25)

Boy, 16, charged with taking bus for a joyride. 

A boy aged 16 was charged with taking a private bus for a joyride. He was underage and therefore did not have the licence to drive the bus. Luckily, he did not cause any accidents on the roads during the journey of 6 hours and a distance of 155km. 

Although there was no points of view made by the writer, there were some from netizens. In a Facebook post regarding this news, Hana Gaus commented that "He could have killed someone. Most probably, he had observed someone's driving skills and followed it." I agree with this comment. I think that it is wrong for the boy to commit such crimes. Driving a vehicle without a license is very dangerous as it may cause accidents on the roads. Innocent people may be hurt or even killed. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Singapore has stringent laws and there are many traffic police plying the roads nowadays to summon errant drivers.
In addition to that, drivers, as well as pedestrians, using the roads should exercise road safety. Every one has a part to keep the roads in Singapore safe.  Our lives are precious and we will not want accidents to happen on us. Simple tips such as checking the blind spots when turning for drivers and practising the kerb drill for pedestrians can avoid an accident and save lives.
In conclusion, the boy was wrong to drive without a proper license and every one should exercise road safety. 

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  1. I feel that the boy aged 16 is really inconsiderate and selfish. He clearly did not think about the consequences of his own actions as well as the safety of the passengers. Although he is actually quite skilled in driving, what happens if there was a malfunction of the bus that he did not know of? And that could actually be prevented if the assigned driver was the one driving it? Was he going to be in charge of all the passengers that died? How is going to hold responsibility for it then? (Touchwood). Although nothing much has happened after this incident, I hope that this boy is able to reflect on his actions and next time think clearly before he does anything. I am sure that this boy is a smart person and will be able to improve on himself. I hope that next time before he does anything, he will actually think twice and not do things rashly.