Monday, 16 March 2015

chua xinyue (4) 16.3.15

issue being discussed : a nun was raped in india at a church and prayers were held there to pray for her recovery. 4 of the six attackers have been identified in the gang-rape that was carefully planned. they did not only create a rape-attack, they also stole many valuables and gagged a security guard, while destroying the church. this incident traumatized many citizens as the attackers did not only commit a heinous crime, but they also vandalised the chapel, which was the first time such a case occurred in india. 

writer's approach : the writer did not provide any opinions. however, personally, i find that this is a case that should be widely spread to warn people of the dangers that could be lurking around in the corners. everyone should be wary of their surroundings as if one does not watch their back, they could be traumatized for life. it pains me to know that there are people still around who would commit such a crime and even vandalise a religous property. they should not have done so as they are insulting and discriminating a religion that many respect deeply.

if it were to happen in singapore : if this case happened in singapore, im sure many important superiors would make the news well-known to let everyone know of the dangers happening. most of us would also take part in the prayers as singapore, after all, is a multi-racial and religious country and we would not stand to see such acts being portrayed.

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  1. I do agree with you that the attackers are insulting and discriminating the religion that many people respect deeply. Even though there might not be a large group of people with the same religion as the elderly nun who is raped, the other citizens should also respect them and pray for her, especially that she is a nun and also be careful when they are walking on the streets. Who knows? Your friend that you have known for many years can also rape you. There is an incident in Singapore that a lady was invited to a guy friend's house for a meet up with former schoolmates, informed that there will be other people as well. However, when she reached, there was only 2 guys and they told her some could not make it while others will come later. In the end, she got drunk and got taken advantaged by her up friends whom she known them for 8 years. This is indeed a lesson learnt for all females, not matter what your age is.