Tuesday, 3 March 2015

chua xinyue (4)

title : lorry driver gets 12 years in jail and caning for killing ex-lover in jealous fit.
date : 4.3.15

issue being discussed : a china man killed his ex when he found out she had a new boyfriend after  7 days when they officially broke up. xiao, the china man, kept harrassing zhang, his ex, to clear her things from his flat. when she got there xiao pushed her onto the bed and when zhang grabbed a knife for defense, xiao snatched the knife and stabbed her. she had 192 bruises. xiao was not charged with murder because he had depressive disorder. 

writer's opinions : the writer did not give any opinions on this article but i feel that what xiao did was truly an unacceptable act. zhang did not do anything to harm xiao and furthermore, they had been broken up for 4 months, just that they did not accept the end of the relationship and continued to live together. however when zhang finally decided to leave, she had a new boyfriend and i feel that this is not a valid enough reason for xiao to get so uptight and insanely jealous. even if they had been dating for a very long time, it is truly a disgusting act for one to kill his ex just because he is jealous. this is very inhumane and i find that even though he has depressive disprder, the court should not sentence him to 12 years of jail. instead, he should be sentenced to jail for a lifetime with regular visits to a counsellor, this is because he in fact did kill someone.

happen in singapore : this did occur in singapore and i find that the charges taken on this case is unreasonable and should be different.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I feel that killing people out of jealouy is ridiculous and extremely inhumane. Think about it, if you were jealous of something, will you go to the extreme to killing someone? Besides, the guy Xiao have agreed to the break up 4 months ago but I believe is not a clean one because they still continued to stay together and have close contact. I think it is probably because they have not made it a clean break, the guy Xiao mignt still have feelings for Zhang and cannot accept the fact that she has already found a new boyfriend so soon. According to the law in Singapore, if an offender murdered someone, the offender will be sentenced to death penalty which is hanged to death. However, in this case, the judge believed that it could be an effect of his depressive disorder which I do not think so because the guy should have medication for his disorder and I believe that by taking medication will prevent negative effects from occurring and thus, sentenced him to only 12 years of jail. I feel that since he could not be sentenced to a death penalty, he should be sentenced to the second highest punishment which is jailed for a lifetime and will be able to earn back the justice for Zhang.