Thursday, 12 March 2015

Chuan Han Wei (26)

Lui vows to to claw back confidence in rail system
What the article says about: Mr Lui, our transport minister was exceptionally disappointed with the train disruptions in recent weeks as train relaibilty seem to be improving and promises that train relaibilty will be better.  There were 5 train disruptions from23 February to 3 March.
What I feel: I personally experienced the train disruption on 3 March. It was a terrible experience. I had to queue for at least 30 mins to be able to get on the train and reached home at 9 pm. I feel that train relaibilty must be improved so as to ensure that commuters have a pleasant ride back home or to school. Frequent checks must be done to ensure that trains and railways lines are fully operational and functionable. In a short period of a week and more, having 5 train disruptions is really unacceptable. SMRT should really step up and improve their services and gain back the confidence in commuters. 
Having a good rail system that connects people the the heartlands of Singapore is not enough, I feel train relaibilty is more important than anything else. 

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  1. I like how you talked about your own experience. This allows me to understand how you feel even better. It is very interesting how you actually express your opinion on this subject because of your personal experience. I also feel very annoyed with the fact that the train keeps getting disrupted since it will also affect my life.