Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5)

Article: AVA to work with farmers affected by fish deaths to recover and build up resilience; farmers also urged to take precaution early

This article is about the plankton bloom and the recent fish deaths that are occurring in Singapore. Plankton bloom is when the plankton found in the sea reproduces very very quickly due to unpredictable weather, higher concentration of nutrients and poor water exchange during high tides and low tides. Fishes are dying because of the plankton bloom and causing the price of fish to increase. Plankton bloom affects the fishes by causing them to overeat, or the plankton might have some poison and poison the fishes.

Fishes are nutritious, good for our health, this situation may not be able to be solved, but at least they can try and reduce the impact. Eating poison or dead fish can cause many problems to the consumer, and so farmers have to take note of the fish quality before selling them. According to the article, plankton blooms are unpredictable, so I really hope the farmers and take some action before things get worse. Thankfully, AVA is there to help the farmers out too. If I were to be old enough, I will be glad to help them out in reducing the impact of the plankton bloom and dead fish, since it affects our well being.

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  1. It is thoughtful of you to provide explanation of the term, plankton bloom. However, your summary of the article is incomplete as you did not mention the measures that some farmers took, especially Mr Gary Chang. Instead of only talking about hoping that some farmers can take action before things get worse, you might want to consider praising Mr Gary Chang for carrying out mitigation measures early and talk about how if everyone were to follow his actions, it can definitely prevent unnecessary losses.