Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Eunice Chua (3)

Issue being discussed: Changi's T5 to be bigger than 3 current terminals combined.
Date of issue: 4/3/15

Changi Airport is once again improving itself and welcoming more tourist to Singapore. The government is going to spend 50-70 million to build terminal 5 and it will be bigger than terminal 1,2 and 3 combined. It is predicted that after T4 is built and T1 is expanded in 2018, the airports will be able to hold up 85 million passengers per year, more than 54.1 million last year. Changi Airport will then have 5 terminals to serve and welcome the people. Singapore's airport is also competing against other countries airport for example, Hong Kong, South Korea and Middle East which are expanding their airports aggressively. Our airport is slowly improving ourselves and with the future plans for it, I believe that it will help singapore to prosper more so as to ensure that the improvements of the airport is not a white elephant.

The writer did not write his point of view, however, here are mine. Singapore economy mostly depend on tourism and I find that it is a wise choice to make future plans on constructing more terminals and improving the existing ones. I believe that this will attract more tourists to our country as people say that airports are the places that leave people the first impression on a country and first impression one has will never change. Words spread like fire and imagine what if our airport is not like should our airport be dirty and all, our reputation of a garden city will be destroyed. I'm really looking forward to the new improvements and to visiting terminal 5 in the future.

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  1. I agree on your point that it is a wise choice to make future plans on constructing more terminals and improving the existing ones as this will improve the first impression of foreigners. Most foreigners come to Singapore by plane, Changi airport will be the first place that they see. Moreover, there were many recent aviation accidents, if Singapore have a good airport, people will not lose confidence in our airlines so that many tourists will want come to our country.