Friday, 6 March 2015

Genevieve Lim (6)
Woman fined $12,000 for failing to pay fares to 10 taxi drivers
Liu Meiqi, 33, was fined $12,000 or five days' jail on each charge after admitting to 10 counts of failing to pay taxi fares. In her first case, she used her Maybank credit card to pay for the $17 fare but transactions were unsuccessful. She told the taxi driver that she would transfer the fare to the driver's bank account as she had no cash with her. She provided her identity car and phone number to the driver, who gave Liu her bank account number. However, she did not make the payment as promised and when victims tried calling her, she would either not answer the phone, say she was busy or switch off her phone. She used a similar ruse with other drivers. 
I feel that by not paying taxi fares, she is not being socially responsible. She should not have avoided paying the taxi fare as that is an irresponsible act. For example, when we buy food, wouldn't we pay for it? It is also a crime for failure to pay for taxi fare can result in a fine not exceeding $1000, and in a the case of a second or subsequent offense, there will be a fine not exceeding $2000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both. This shows that this matter is considered to be a very serious one. Taxi drivers have to make a living from driving passengers to different locations and if their all passengers refuse to pay, they would not have any money earned. From this article, it also shows that we have to be honest. If we promise to do something, we have to do it. In the article, Liu promised the taxi driver that she would transfer the fare to the driver's bank account. However, she did not do as promised and even ignored the calls that the drivers made. We should be clear about what are the right and wrong things to do, such as whether to transfer the fare to the driver's bank account or to just choose not to pay the fare. We should also be considerate for the drivers and put ourselves in their shoes. How would they feel if we were the ones driving them but they refuse to pay? Of course, we would feel upset or angry as it is as if they are cheating us of our money. We should learn to be more socially responsible, so that Singapore will be a better place.

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  1. The main issue being discussed here is a woman being fined for not paying fares to several taxi drivers. I agree with Gen that she is being irresponsible as it is her responsibility to pay the taxi drivers what she owed them. However, I feel that the main point is honesty and morals. The woman practically cheated the taxi drivers as she tried to get away by not paying them her fares. She does not have morals as we should be honest and pay back what we owed others and not lie and cheat others. There is good use of grammar and vocabulary. I think Gen can try to use a personal experience to talk about the issue more.