Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

18th March 2015


This report is about a rude passenger scolding the taxi driver and the father of taxi driver on behalf of the passenger apologizing to the taxi driver. 

I feel that for such things to be occurring in this world is atrocious and inhumane. After watching the video between the taxi driver as well as the passenger, I feel that the passenger was being very inconsiderate, no selfish. I believe the reason he acted this way was due to his emotions, maybe he was having a bad day but that is still clearly unacceptable. Like what the video have said, these taxi drivers are a father of somebody's home, they are a father of somebody and the passenger is completely disregarding about that fact. I am sure that the passenger has suffered harassment by many people after the video was uploaded, but I feel that he deserves it. He should not be carried away by his feelings emotions and instead try to calm down. He obviously did not meet that requirement. I hope all the comments from people has taught him a good lesson not to behave this way again. He also has to learn that his current actions have affected his family members that his father actually has to apologize on behalf of him. The father is even afraid to step out of the house now due to the media. I really hope that he learns his lesson. 

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  1. Indeed, this incident has caused a stir online as netizens criticise the passenger's behaviour, revealing his personal information as well.
    However, I do agree with you that the passenger should learn his lesson. After all, what is done cannot be undone. The passenger should learn to have a better control over his emotions and make sure that history will not repeat itself again. As long as the passenger come up to apologise to the public, taxi driver and his family, I believe that most people will forgive his actions. Moreover, we can learn to respect the taxi drivers driving on the roads to make money. They have to work really hard in order to feed their family, and it is really inappropriate for passengers to scold them unreasonably.