Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Guo Hongyi (28)


This article discusses about the new Changi Airport Terminal 5, which will be built in the future, focusing on passenger connectivity and convenience. I believe that the new T5 will be more convenient for travelers. The Changi Airport is used by many people traveling from countries all over the world, and with the addition of T5 which can hold a greater capacity than both T2 and T3 combined, it can be more easily accessible to people as T5 will also offer travelers with the shortest walking distances, shorter connection times for transfer flights and easy navigation in the building. People will then be more confident of the service of Changi Airport, hence they will enjoy their stay in Singapore and have a good impression of Singapore (if they are tourists from other countries). Hence, T5 will be a great addition to Singapore, and will also create better convenience to travellers.


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  2. I agree with what you have said. I think that the addition of Terminal 5 in Changi Airport, will improve the services Singapore Airport can give to tourists and singaporeans who are travelling overseas. With Terminal 5 being more accessible, shorter walking distances, shorter connection times, more people would want to use changi airport and it may help boost singapore's economy. With the addition of Terminal 5, Singapore can hope to make a better impression on tourists too and make it more convenient for many people. Singaporeans and tourists would better enjoy and make use of the airport's services and leave good impressions which may result in more people using Singapore Changi Airport.