Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lee Shao Min(29) MH370 the search for answers one year on

One year on, the family members of those on flight MH370,that vanished off the radar, still hold onto that one,last glimmer of hope. A hope that one day,just one day,they will walk through the front door of their houses again.The burden of not knowing what happen to their loved ones still haunt and torture them, to this day. The inability to obtain closure have made a bad impact on some of them, some even needing to seek help from psychiatrist. I feel that the Malaysian government is to blamed for this incident. I do not see the effort they claim they put in into finding the missing plane days after it vanished. The government was quoted saying that the MH370 incident was an "accident" and that all the passengers aboard are presumed dead. If you were to have such a mindset, you would not bother putting in effort to search for the plane. Imagine if your pet hamster were escape out of the cage and disappear without a trace,would you bother putting in a lot of effort to find your hamster if you presumed it was dead? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Thus, I feel that the Malaysian Government could have put in more effort and that if they had done so maybe, just maybe, the plane could have been found earlier.

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  1. i also feel that malaysia government should be blamed as they did not put in much efforts to search for the airplane. bodies should not be announced unless they are found and proved as so.