Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jan Hoe 08

In about a month, more than 1,500 tins of festive goodies have been donated to Food Bank Singapore, a charity which distributes food to the needy. Most of the food donated are cookies and tarts. Food Bank Singapore accepts all foods that are not opened or expired. These food are then distributed to children or families who are less fortunate than us. I feel that this is a good thing to do since we are helping others and at the same time we do not waste food. I feel that most of our families buy many tarts and cookies for Chinese New Year with the mindset of them being able to finish all the snacks. However, when they cannot finish those snacks, they tend to throw the rest away. Rather than wasting food, we should use those food to help the less privileged children and share the new year spirit. Some children cannot afford to buy these snacks and hence we should share our snacks with them so as to let them have a taste of what Chinese New Year feels like. If we were to throw away all our leftover snacks, there will be an endless amount of snacks piled up and we are must wasting food. We are actually killing two birds with one stone if we donate our food to food bank singapore. Hence, I think that we should all donate our food and not just leave the food alone to expire after a few weeks.

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  1. I totally agree with Jan's idea of not throwing away leftover food but instead but it to the needy. Your thoughts and ideas of this article is well elaborated and constructed. However, you can add in some personal accounts to make it better.