Monday, 23 March 2015

Jan Hoe (8)

SINGAPORE - The father of an infamously rude taxi passenger has admitted that his son was in the wrong and has shared his hopes that the public will let him and his son off.
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This news article is about a son who rudely insulted a taxi driver. The video of him went viral and people started to give informations of him online. The father of the rude son then apologized, saying that if a son makes a mistake, the father it is to blame. 

I feel that the son should not have even done such a rash thing if he knows that he is going to regret it. He should keep his anger and not throw his temper on a taxi driver. Also, I think that the people should not have leaked out his personal information such as his address. This may cause him harm and even though he should be punished, he shouldn't be punished this way. I think that the correct way is to just let him send an apology letter to the taxi driver. This also caused me to think how scary the Internet is. Once the video was uploaded, it went viral and because of that, many people started harassing him. This incident taught me that I should be careful of whatever I post on the Internet and make sure that what I post would not harm another person before posting.

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  1. I agree with Jan. The son should think twice before hurling insults at the taxi driver. He shouldn't vent his anger on the taxi driver. He should learn the manage his anger better in a more composed way rather than being agitatated. i feel that he should personally apologise to the taxi driver he insulted.