Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jeremy Tay (35)

  New article: Recent disruptions go against improvement in train services

  In this article, it is stated that due to the recent train breakdowns, the commuters are very dissatisfied . Before these breakdowns, there was a survey held by UNISIM and they found out that there was and improvement in people satisfied with public transport.

  I think that the LTA should quickly look into these matters as soon as possible as it is bringing a lot of trouble to the people. In Singapore, there are many people who uses the MRT so if it is constantly breaking down, it will bring a lot of trouble to people such as being late for work/appointment, late for schools or even be late for important meetings. There is also a lot of time wasted when the MRT breaks down so it will be very inconvinient for everyone.

  I think that LTA should send people to have a daily check on the condition of the MRTs so as to prevent it from breakong down. By doing so, if the train is found faulty, they can prevent the use of that MRT so as to prevent it from breaking down and bringing inconvinience to the people.

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  1. I agree that the MRTs should be constantly maintained, especially when many people in Singapore are dependent on it for transport. However, daily checks would be very difficult as there are many trains which SMRT owns, and conducting checks would take a huge amount of time from its workers. However, trains could be checked at a monthly basis, to ensure that none of the parts are faulty