Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jing Jing (23)

Title : Woman leaves kid sitting alone dangerously on ledge outside flat
Date : 9 March 2015

The issue being discussed here is that a woman left her child to sit on the ledge with her legs underneath the handrails of the ledge. A neighbour who witnessed this was worried and tried to advise the woman to bring her daughter down. This whole process was videoed by him and posted on a Facebook page called, Must Be Singapore.

I think that this woman is a careless person as she was not aware of the danger of letting her small child sit on the ledge. If her daughter falls off accidentally, it might result in serious injury. As a mother, she clearly did not take charge of her child's well-being and accidents are entirely preventable as long as this woman forbids or inform her daughter of the risks of sitting on the ledge.

Having said so, the neighbour who filmed this and posted it online should not have done that as I am sure that it will be unpleasant for the family members to find out that this thing has been spreading online and I feel that instead of doing so, he could have just talked to the family regarding the issue. By posting it online, he unknowingly invaded the family's privacy and this act is inconsiderate. 

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  1. I think it is rather thoughtful to talk about both the neighbour and the woman.
    I agree that the woman should not leave her child sitting on the ledge and the neighbour posting the video online. The mom is not only careless but also rather irresponsible. She should not have left the child alone in the first place. The child could have fell and might die. The neighbour was nice to ask the mother to let her child down but he shouldn't have filmed it, as you said that he can be thought of invading others privacy and it is an inconsiderate act. But why would he film the incident?