Thursday, 5 March 2015


MRT train delay after a person intrudes the tracks twice.

A person who is said to have found his way twice onto the MRT train tracks between the Bukit Gombak and Yew Tee stations on Friday night caused delays and halted services between both stations. An SMRT spokesman told The Straits Times that delays along the North-South line around 9pm were due to a “track intrusion”, meaning a person had been found on the tracks. For safety precautions, trains have to be forced to stop working thus, causing delays. a man was also seen walking on the viaduct – the tracks above ground – between Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Gombak MRT stations. 

I personally feel that the man should not walk on the tracks as firstly, it's really dangerous. If the trains failed to notice him and continue to travel, he would be knocked down by them and most probably die under the wheels of the trains. His body would be run over and squashed by the gigantic moving objects. Life is precious, I think that he should learn to appreciate his life more and not behave in ways that are extremely dangerous and would harm himself. If he happened to suffer from any injuries, his family would also be sad and worrying for him. He should not do things that would make his family worry. There is a high chance of him succumbing to death if the trains are not informed to stop immediately. 

Secondly, such inconsiderate behavior would also cause train delays. Train delay is a serious problem as it may affect a lot of commuters. If the trains happen it be delayd during morning hours, those rushing for work will be late. This may result in them being scolded by their employers and some may even get fired and kicked out of the company if they have repeated offences. the impact may be so great that a particular family may no longer have their income support as he or she has lost his or her job, resulting in financial problems. If the trains happen to delay during peak hours in the evening, it will cause human jams at the mrt stations. Since a lot of people are going home, there will be a lot of citizens packed at the mrt station. Train delays will cause more and more people to gather and queue at the stations. When the stations are sardine packed, there will be risk of commuters fainting due to absence of fresh air.

Thus, I feel that the man should not be doing such act. He should be considerate and think about others. 

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  1. Well written as point is clearly brought across. Very well sequenced.