Monday, 23 March 2015


SINGAPORE - As former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew remains critically ill at the Singapore General Hospital, Singaporeans have become increasingly anxious for news about his condition. On Thursday, however, there was an outrage among many, over the flurry of rumours and hoaxes that flew via smartphones and social media on Wednesday night announcing that he had died. Some seasoned grassroots leaders were among those taken in by a fake announcement purportedly from the website of the Prime Minister's Office, and some foreign media went ahead to report the misinformation, only to correct the news after the PMO made clear that it was fake. Tanjong Pagar GRC grassroots leader Roy Yeo told The Straits Times: "Some of us got duped seeing the image passed around, trusting that once you see a certain website it is genuine."

I personally feel that one should not make fun of Mr Lee Kuan Yew as he's the founder of Singapore and should be highly regarded and respected. He's just like the father of all Singaporeans, protecting us from all sorts of difficulties and provide us with a comfortable living. Even if one is not Singaporean, he should not make up stories saying that Mr Lee has passed away just because he's seriously ill as it is really disrespectful to say that one has died when he has not. One, when down with severe illness, does not mean that he confirm will die soon. He may pull through it and recover so one should not spread rumors saying he's dead. Moreover, he is of a higher social status than us and should be respected by us. We should be polite and show concern by writing greeting cards to the warded man instead of spreading rumors saying that he's dead and cause people to believe in untrue information. Such behavior is really rude and disapproving and should not be tolerated. Actions should be taken and one should be charged with fines. Foreign media should also be more careful of what is reported. They should not put up news that have not been proved to be real as official statement has not been given. If they gave out wrong information, some citizens may believe in the false information and starts to spread, causing others who knew the truth to rage at them as it is a form of disrespect, resulting in uproar on social media. Citizens may also be in a confused state as they do not know who to believe in. Thus, I think that one should not spread rumors that aren't real and information put up should be true to avoid confuse among people.

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  1. Yes. I agree on what you say about doing such acts being inappropriate as it confuses people and make them have the wrong information.