Saturday, 7 March 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (3) 04/03

Article Title : Vandelism Cases in Singapore
Date Published : 4 March 2015
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This article mentions about several vandalism cases in Singapore. Some people vandalize public property for fun and some do it because they have objections. Vandelism targeted at specific households might be because someone wants revenge. But I believe that all these can be avoided if people think more for others. 

I think that if anyone has any objections to public announcements made, they should not relate it by vandalizing public properties because it will not make any difference as the officials do not know about it and all it does is make lives of the public harder. If anyone who has objections go to the respective officials and reason with them, maybe there can be changes if they realize that there is really something wrong with the decision. But if they vandelize public property, nothing will change. For those who vandelize for the fun of it, I think that they should think more for others and be more considerate. Because someone has to clean up their vandalism and all they cause is inconvenience for those who have to clean up after them. 

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