Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

12 vehicles involved in an accident along Kranji Expressway

Date of issued: 4/3/2015

  This article is about twelve vehicles involving in an accident on Tuesday evening on the Kranji Expressway near the Woodlands Road exit. The accident caused congestion up to the Chao Chu Kang exit. An eyewitness told the police that there is a fast-moving truck that hit several barriers and a tree, which caused the tree to fell onto a car. Then, the truck continued to barrel into several vehicles, which results in two people being sent to the hospital. The police are still investigating this accident.
  I agree that we should drive safely and follow all rules and signboards at all times to prevent accidents from happening. We should not sped, abide the rules or drive illegally. No matter if we are in a rush or impatient etc, we should still follow the signboards such as 'Drive at 60km/h' and the rules such as 'no driving after drinking alcohol' etc because it may caused an accident and accident are always not pleasant. It may caused us to get injured,lost our loved ones, pay lots of money to repair the car, and most importantly also causing others to get injured. We should always think of the others and not only for ourselves as our actions can affect them too. Also, if we do not follow the rules, then rules are really just redundant. Thus, we should always obey the rules and signboards at all times in order to prevent accidents from happening.


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  1. I agree with you point of view. Moreover, I feel that if the driver is speeding illegally on the road, he is only risking the lives of the people beside the roads, on the roads, or even in the vehicle itself. He is actually risking about 5 peoples lives on the road every second he is on the road. This explains that the driver is actually extremely irresponsible and inconsiderate, and actually spares not a thought for the people around him.
    Good points
    You had good points, which were supported by many relevant possible scenarios that may occur as effect of a car accident. These ideas ultimately supports that fact that dangerous driving is irresponsible and should be taken seriously
    Things to take note
    Error: 'We should not sped, abide the rules or drive illegally' should be changed to 'We should not be speeding on roads or drive illegally, and instead abide the rules on the roads.'
    Also, I do feel that you should focus more on certain of your elablorations. Although you gave many points, but if you used only one point or explanation to explain your point, you can explain and elaborate it further, making your point seem more convincing.