Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Leong Shi Hui Article Response 4/3/15

Article Response: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/world/united-states/story/teenage-girl-14-shot-dead-us-after-quarrel-started-facebook-20150302
Title:Teenage girl, 14, shot dead in US after quarrel that started on Facebook 

1. The issue that is discussed in this article is that Kiera'onna Rice was shot 

dead by two males after a quarrel that started on Facebook with two girls. She 

decided to meet them in the park for a fight and film the footage of them

fighting."This was an absolutely senseless killing"  Lieutenant Sean Edwards of 

the Birmingham Police said

2. I agree with Lieutenant Sean Edwards' point of view that it was an absolutely senseless  

killing. Since I have just turned 14, the same age as Miss Rice, according to my mindset, I 

don't understand why the killing happened. I do not think that Miss Rice should go to the 

park to fight with the girls, since the quarrel might be about a trivial matter like her 

Facebook profile picture or her latest selfie so why should she step out of her safety zone,

the Internet, to fight over something so small? I have a friend who was a victim of 

cyber-bullying: she was flooded with bad rumors about herself since she was the class 

monitor at the time. She did not even reply to the messages and told the teacher about 

it. The teacher solved the problem and nothing else happened after that. Using this 

example, I think that Miss Rice should have told her parents or her older siblings about it 

first before going out for a fight on the spur of the moment. Moreover, it is pointed out 

that the two males may not even know the women. If the two males were on the side 

of the ones Miss Rice was quarreling with, the other women would not have gotten hurt. I 

suspect that the two males may be high on drugs or having some mental disorder.I think 

that Lieutenant Sean Edwards had seen many incidents involving the loss of lives because 

of murders but not because of a meagre online quarrel, hence I agree fully with

 Lieutenant Sean Edwards' point of view that the killing was senseless.

3. I don't think that this incident will happen in Singapore, because there is a very strict

law that bans the usage of guns, not like the US, hence I think that this type of incident 

would never ever happen in Singapore.

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  1. I agree with what shihui has said, and agree that it is a senseless killing. In her example, she talked about how to respond to rumors others make about. I think that in the case of the girl, she should have blocked the girl, if the girl was making nasty comments. To meet the girl in the park was very foolish, as she didn't know who was with the girl, and even if the people with guns didn't appear, she may be facing a gang and be beaten up. So, I agree with shihui that she should be more careful