Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 11/3/2015

Article: 4 from China flew here to cheat elderly
Article by: Lim Yi Han at

  This article is about for Chinese nationals coming to Singapore to set a plot to cheat one of the elderly and use the money to pay their debts. The three men tried to trick a elderly woman to chip and help buy something from them so that they can sell it at a profit. They took $10 000 away from the elderly woman and didn't show up when they decided to meet up. She immediately called the police upon realising she has been tricked. The three men will be charged and are expected to hear their sentence on March 17.
  The three men are really cunning. They used such tricks to trick a poor old lady. I think their acts are really selfish, because the old woman could have retired and need this sum of money so that she can at least have some money to spend for her retirement life. Without this sum of money, which may probably the old woman's savings who she saved for a long time, she may find difficulties when she suddenly needs of money to, for example, pay medical bills. Just because they want to pay their debts back in their countrym they have to do such things to harm and take away something important from someone who may need it just as much. This makes their act really irresponsible and selfish.
  Also, I feel that these men are really foolish. If only they have studied harder back in their country, their owuld be probably working in Beijing now instead of coming to Singapore to do such things against the law to pay debts. Even if they did not study as hard, Singapore do offer lots of opportunities for foreigners to come to Singapore to work and earn money. If they do not mind facing some hardships, their lifes would have been more fruitful and less stressful, because their won't have debts to pay and have a stable income. I'm sure these men have arms and legs and brains and can definitely find a suitable job to earn a living instead of doing illegal things to hurt people for their own advantages, which is foolish since Singapore is a nation with strong security. Having to get caught by the police meant that they literally did not get anything at all and would further waste a few years of their lifes in the prison thinking of ways to pay the debt. If only the three people with three minds thought thrice before their act, this could have been prevented and they can live a more meaningful life.

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  1. Sorry Mrs Woon, I am posting the comments for Lee Xinyi because she stays in the school hostel and she is unable to post due to the fact that there is a wifi breakdown there.

    Lee Xinyi's comments:
    Good points:
    -Good elaboration on the points you made
    -Good points about the three men were made
    -You even further elaborate about their future and past, and their health
    -Summary of the article is short and easy to understand

    Things to take note:
    -Typo errors and some grammars erros