Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 )

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       This article basically states that Singapore 2015 budget has been approved by our president, Doctor Tan. The budget states that the Government can withdraw up to $76.9 billion from the Consolidated Fund and $30.8 from the Development Fund. 
        I think that the Singapore Budget is very important as it affects the entire nation ,  regardless of your age, gender and status. All are affected. The budget is the amount of money Singapore can spend this year. All this money will be used for projects such as road construction and subsidiaries plans. As a student, I think that this also affects me since the budget will affect the amount of money given to my school for school events. As President Mr. Tan has said, the budget is something that affects Singapore future. Although the budget is a yearly matter, it actually affects the well-being  and the situation of Singapore in the future and not just for the particular year. The budget also includes the cost needed for new programmes that would address the long - term needs of Singapore and its citizens. Although it would not be possible to satisfy everyone's needs, I hope that majority of the people will benefit from these programmes.
Therefore, I think that the budget is really something that the parliament gives much thought and effort in planning before finalising it. that the parliament gives much thought and effort in planning before finalising it .

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  1. i agree with Xin Yi's point of view as I also feel that the budget is a matter f national importance and affects everyone in Singapore, and thus we should keep up to date on these matters.I also hope that the people who have come off worse for the budget should try and be understanding of the governments decisions as it is all for the greater good. Could you give some examples of the long term projects that will help Singapore. Could you also state what the consolidated and the development fund's differences and why one is allocated more than he other? However, i do not understand your last sentence at all. could you please be more clearer in the future.