Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 )

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Don't throw away CNY goodies, donate them

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5th -March-2015

In the article , it is mentioned that a charity organisation named Food Bank Singapore has been and is continuing to collect Chinese New Year snacks donated from the public, as long as the containers are still sealed and the food is not expired. Up till now, about 1500 tins of snacks have been collected, most of which are tarts and cookies as most people want to keep the bak kwa ( barbecued pork ) for themselves instead of donating them. According to an operations manager of Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Mr Dennis Tong, the some of these tins of goodies will be distributed to some of the elderlies in the neighbourhood , while other tins will be given off as prizes during activities or games held by Bright Hill Evergreen Home.

I think that this is a charity even well held as not only does it allow the others to receive these goodies to eat, it is also a very good way for people to clear away their excess containers of Lunar New Year goodies, killing two birds with one stone.
Next, I cam empathise with the people who chose to keep the bak kwa to themselves as I understand that they are not cheap and many people would not bear to give it away, thinking that they would just have wasted their money on something that they did not get to eat. However, I still think that it would have been netted of the people chose to done them to Food Bank Singapore as it is always good to help others if we have the ability to do so. Furthermore, it would really be a waste if one does not eat the bak kwa. If one does not plan or want to eat it ,  why not just give it to the others who want it ,  instead of leaving the food there for it to expire?
Just two to three days ago , my family gave our neighbour ,who was just next door,  2 containers of egg rolls as we have already eaten 2 containers but there was still 2 more left and we knew that we could not finish them up. Hence, we decided to give it to our neighbour since we know that they are quite a big family and would most probably be able to finish eating the egg rolls.
Therefore,I  hope that more people would be more caring and not be so self - centric,  and help or contribute to the society just by doing simple deeds sch as donating.

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  1. the main issue being discussed is a charity organization that collects Chinese new year snack and gives them to the elderly or uses them in prizes as games. I agree with xin yi as I feel that most of us will sometimes throw away a unopened box of goodies as many things are on sale on Chinese new year and there will definitely be people who will buy too much and be left which a huge influx of Chinese year goodies which they will then throw away. this is a perfect solution to that problem.