Thursday, 26 March 2015

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Indian toddler sets national archery record

This article is about an Indian toddler who set a new record as the youngest person to score two hundred point over five and seven meters distances. She has been trained from young to be an archer, since her father runs an archery academy, and was groomed to be an archery champion.

I feel that what the toddler accomplished is amazing, but I can't help feeling a little worried about the toddler having to train to be an professional athlete at such a young age. In the article, her parents aid that she was groomed from youth, and I understand her parents want her to be successful, but she should choose her own path. What if she doesn't like archery? I know that professional athletes train at a young age, but it is a huge commitment, and would take her entire life, and even then, she may not succeed. I think that this type of actions is dangerous, as in this case, the girl has the talent, but what if a child does not have that talent? To become an athlete, hardwork is not enough. So, this type of actions can cause servere damage to the child's future. What I think is especially scary is that this way, the parents robbed the child's childhood away from the child. She can never play carefreely in the fields, but would have to train day and night for archery. I worry that she would come to dislike archery when she grows up, as then, she only knows archery, and thus would not think of not becoming an archer, but as she grows up and becomes exposed to new things, she may lose interest as she would naturally like the new things more. I think that the parents is playing a huge gamble on the child's future, making the assumption that the child is talented, would like archery, and would be able to devote every bit of her time to archery, and face minuscule odds of being the one out of the millions of people to succeed. I think that the parents should let the child develop, and expose the child to a wide variety of hobbies. Since the parent run an archery academy, the child would be naturally exposed to archery, and the difference is that the child would have the freedom of choice, she can choose what to do with her life. Starting training at 6-8 is perfectly fine, and would give the parents time to observe the child, and judge for themselves whether she can fulfill the demanding requirements of being an athlete, and decide with the child together. In this way, it would be much safer, and ensure much more options for the child. Furthermore, the child can expereince what a childhood would be like. I think that this is very important, because if she devotes her time to archery, she would not interact a lot with children from her age, and thus would not have any friends, and be lonely. I'm sure we teenagers, especially adults remember their childhood as one of their happiest times, why rob the child of that? A childhood gives the child its character, and I think that we should always blow on that spark from our childhood. That memory from our childhood lets us learn a lot off things, and make us become a human being, while the child without the childhood will become a robot. What do I mean? A childhood lets us explore, and learn. We may not be without accidents, but it would be worth it. In my family, my uncles childhood exploits were legendary. He once slid down from the railings of his house stairs, and fell, requiring stitches, and he also caused a lot of trouble for my grand parents because of his mischief. How ever, he is now a successful manager, and takes care of my grand parents. I think that everyone should have a childhood, because it's when we form our character. Studies have shown that a child's character forms around 3 years old, and I think a proper childhood with enough freedom is essential for a good character formation. It's when they explore, and have fun, and interact with other children where they learn how to interact with others, and what is right and what is wrong. Even though they may cause a lot of mischief, it is not necessary bad. Like in to kill a mockingbird, Jem and scout had their share of mischief with the radley place, and form there they grew up, and became good people. However, the child in the news would know nothing but archery, and because she would need to devote all her time, she would not have freedom, and would not have a proper childhood. She would become some thing like an robot, not knowing how to interact with others, not able to grow like any normal child. In summary, I want to say that in this current society, parents place so much emphasis on successful, and start out a planning from young, and so our childhood becomes less and less free. I want to shout out for all those children, and say to their parents, our childhood is precious, please preserve our childhood!

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  1. I agree with his point of view because I too think that the parents should not do this. I think that they should not place all of their hopes on the child since their daughter and son passed away. She is only a child, a two-year old who should be enjoying her once-in-a-lifetime childhood while playing with her family and friends, not training all day long. I also think that the parents are too obsessed with the superficial 'records'to the extent that they do not care about the child's well-being. Even though I understand that India is a country where a stable job is hard to find and the parents are doing this for the sake of the child, they should wait till she has enjoyed her growing years. Hence I agree with Tian Hong