Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: One dead, six injured as depressed student goes on knife rampage at college in China

The issue being discussed here is that one person has died and six were injured in a knife attack at a college in China on Thursday, blamed on a student suffering from depression. The student, whose family name was given as Wang, burst into a classroom in the south-western city of Kunming carrying a knife and stabbed the seven students, one of whom died. The writer stated that there have been a series of knife attacks over the past year in China that have unnerved the country, and by using the word 'unnerved' shows his shock and fear of the recent stabbing cases. I agree with the writer that these cases are unnerving as they bring about fear in our society as well. It is unpleasant and disturbing with the thought that one could be stabbed to death by a person on any other day. It is shocking how a student could lose control of his emotions to an extent of wielding a knife and harming people. Although I can sympathise with the fact that the culprit was in a state of depression, it is still wrong of him to go about college bringing harm and causing casualties among students. The student, whose life he took, could have been a student of distinction with a bright future. However because of this reckless yet fatal act done by the depressed student, this student with a bright future no longer has the chance to live well. If this incident took place in Singapore, it would strike fear in the hearts of many Singaporeans, especially students. Many students would be traumatized and be afraid to go to school, for fear of being harmed by their peers. This incident thus teaches us to think before we act to refrain from regretting our actions after we hurt someone. 

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  1. I agree with you that it isn't alright for the student to harm other students just because he is a state of depression. Depression isn't a valid reason for hurting people. He even killed a person which is very unfortunate. He should reflect and stop this kinds of actions. I feel very sad for the student who got killed so innocently by the depressed student too. He could have such a bright future but was ruined in a flash. I hope that he will rest in peace. I also hope that such things should not ever happen again since it is really terrifying