Saturday, 28 March 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: Apple's Tim Cook to donate his wealth


The issue being discussed here is that Apple chief executive Tim Cook is planning to give away all his wealth, which has an estimated value of US$785 million (S$1.1 billion).  Tim Cook wishes to make a difference with this amount of money, and said that he is trying to develop a more "systematic approach" to philanthropy that goes beyond writing cheques. Tim Cook has already started donating to unspecified causes quietly, which I find is a significant difference to other philanthropists that publicly announces their generous donations through media and press conferences.

The writer did not state his views regarding this matter, however personally I feel that Tim Cook's way of donating to the needy is unique as he did not specify where his wealth is going to be donated to. His acts of charity does not harbour any desire for attention. His sincerity in making these donations can be seen as he did not hold conferences nor use the media to tell the public of his donations. Should he have done so, he would have only wanted to advertise himself and portray himself as a "philanthropist". Tim Cook made a quote on sparking change, that he "wants to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change". His generosity is inspirational and is something that everybody should learn. To help the needy, and not hanker for attention nor to have his kindness repayed, that is no doubt the mark of a sincere philanthropist. 

 If this happened in Singapore, it would have left a great impact on our country. Although Singapore is relatively financially stable, there are also people who require financial help in our society. It would definitely be beneficial to the needy, as that sum of money can aid many people in different ways. Tim Cook also shows us the importance of charitable individuals, with philanthropists like him in our society, financial burdens of people are often lifted off them. If not for the charity of these wealthy individuals in our society, needy Singaporeans might be suffering from financial discomfort, while wealthy people are enjoying their lives in a luxurious way. It would bring an increase in difference of wealth between the rich and the poor. 

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  1. I am very impressed at your point of view where you stated that Tim Cook's way of donating to the needy is unique since he doesn't specify on who he is donating to just to attract attention from the public. Not a lot of people will focus on that point and that's very interesting.