Sunday, 29 March 2015

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This article is about the parents of children taking their exams climbing the school wall and up the school building to pass their children answers to an ongoing exam. the Indian state of Bihar is where this strange but true episode happened. At least 750 students have been expelled in the ensuing scandal once pictures and videos of the parents went viral. this is as the examinations held by the state of Bihar are viewed as make or break tests which can change the lives of the ones taking them. thus, cheating is rampant. i feel that even though these exams may be vastly important to the poorer students, who view them as a way of escaping the cycle of poverty however, they still should not cheat as even if the pass with flying colors after having cheated, when they go to a good school that is deserving of one who actually studied hard to enter, they find that they are unable to keep up and drop out, continuing the cycle of poverty as they take menial or low paying jobs to survive. Also, cheating is wrong in any form as it is dishonest to those who actually take the time and effort to study hard.i also feel that the invigilators should not turn a blind eye to this situation as even though they may take pity on those children who are trying to cheat and let them off, they are not helping,the child but harming him as they allow the aforementioned situation to happen. even if the children who do not cheat get low marks and only get into a average or below average school, they will still receive a better education than if they had cheated as the content there ill be more suited to them than the content in above average schools. Als, i feel that the parents are also doing the kids a disservice due to the same reasons. the national education board should enforce stricter measures such as imposing stricter regulations on bringing handphone in class and not allowing the parents near the school. furthermore, this is not the only time this has happened.A similar incident also occurred during 2013. thus, i feel that the board of education should do something about these incidents of cheating.


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  2. I agree to what you have said. To elaborate, i think that both the parents and their children are not doing something morally right. It is very dishonest of them to cheat and this is extremely infair to the students who did not cheat and proved to have the ability to pass through the test. Under no circumstances should anyonw succumb to the cowardly methood of cheating. Even though the children are very poor and may be less fortunate than the others, they shiuld not be excused of cheating just because of the plight they are in. The parents, who are adults, are supposed to be more matured and reject their children's idea of cheating, instead of supporting them. Furthermore, even if the children who cheated managed to also cheat in thenfuture and secure a high-ranking job in the society, they will not be able to complete their tasks properly as they do not really have the required skills and ability. This can easily affect India as an entire nation.
    I think that another reason can be that it was not that the invilgilators were not observant, but that the invigilators might have received bribes from these parents.