Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

3 things Singaporean parents should stop telling their kids now

The issue being discussed is what Singaporean parents should stop telling their kids, and how their words will affect the child's thinking and attitude.
The writer feels that Singaporean parents teaches their children in a way that "spoils" them, to look down on low-paid jobs, and to be motivated by money. I agree with her, as what the parents say changes the kids' attitude towards life.
Being taught that uneducated people will become road sweepers is wrong, as children will learn to underestimate the road sweepers or low-paid jobs, even if they are equally stupid. From young, children are taught that we need to be rich in order to be happy, which causes us to work like slaves, just to earn more money. Hence, making us feel miserable when we grow up. Parents comforting their children by telling them that they would deal with the teachers is utterly unacceptable. Children would take advantage of this, and cause more trouble in school, keeping in mind that their parents would forever be supporting them.
Thus, I agree that Singaporean parents should stop teaching their kids wrong values.

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  1. I agree with you that Singaporean parents should not teach children in a way that "spoils" them. Children rely a lot on their parents and trust them a lot so they will believe in everything they say. Even by saying inconsiderate things or fake things purposely or not, children will tend to believe and think that their parents mean it in a certain way. Children misinterpret a lot of things so take the "uneducated people will become cleaners" example, this may be simply a motivation for children to study harder but instead, children may think of it as looking down on cleaners. This is why i agree with the writer.