Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ng Yi Jie(17)

Ex VJC student with dwarfism won't limit himself.

VJC student Lee Ci En was born with achondroplasia. However he persevered and never allowed his physical condition to limit himself. He actively participated in his co-curricular activities, and had a positive attitude for his studies, which amazed the teachers.
I feel that his determination is definitely admirable. If I were him, I would be very demoralized, and ashamed of my physical appearance. He on the other hand, ignored others' nasty comments about himself, and did not let the insults stop him from achieving his goals.
I think students nowadays ought to learn from him. We complain that we are unable to finish our work, and we lack of time. Yet, someone physically disable is able to accomplish things JUST LIKE US. He is in VJC, one of the top junior colleges in Singapore, or even, better than our school. His workload would be similar to ours, yet he can overcome them, not giving up. We should be grateful that we are born without any disabilities or sickness, and make full use of ourselves instead of complaining and whining about what we can't do or have no time to do. He would apparently take more time to perform the same tasks we do.

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  1. I agree with you that we should learn from him and be determined in every thing that we do. Nowadays, just as you have stated, even though the workload is a lot, if a handicapped person could do it, why can't we? It definetely isnt an excuse to say that we cannot finish our work because there is cca as Lee Ci En had 3 CCAs to juggle with. Which is why i feel that he is very admirable