Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 05/03

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Article name : Dad jailed for lying about address for child's P1 registration
Published date : 4 March 2015

  This article is about a father who lied about where he lived, just to get his daughter into a top primary school. As this is illegal, he is then sentenced to 2 weeks of jail. The father indicated his address as being within 1km to 2km of the school, when he registered his daughter under Phase 2C, thus securing a place for his daughter.

  I agree with the defence lawyer Ramesh Tiwary that the father did this for his daughter's sake. This is because it is natural for parents to care and worry for their child's future, thus ending up taking such actions to make sure their child gets an advantage over others. However, I still agree with the law that the father is wrong as by lying his way through just to get his daughter a spot in the branded school is not a righteous thing to do. He should have let his daughter use her own skills and work hard enough to be able to get into that certain school. I hope that such events will not happen again in future.

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  1. I agree with you that the parents nowadays are very worried about their children's education. Nowadays,people are required to have at least a diploma to get a good job,many people even going up to get a degree. This goes to show that the competition in Singapore is very high and that people are forced to resort to such drastic measures as to lie about one's address. Even though Singaporeans are very competitive, I also feel that the father should not have lied about the address as it brings a blow to his daughter's reputation. Some people might just see her and say," the father of her lied just to get her into a good school". This might put her into a very tight spot.