Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sarah Lim (19)

Title: More stalls remaining empty at coffee shops
Date of publish: 9 March 2015, Monday

[Issue being discussed] Increasingly, there has been more vacant stalls at coffee shops. With new tenants hard to come by, many owners have decided to operate some of these vacant stalls themselves in a bid to keep their businesses afloat.

There are 3 main reasons which led to such a worrying sight in coffee shops today. Insufficient manpower arises with growing competition in the food industry and heirs unwilling to take over family businesses. Rising costs of ingredients, gas and utilities add to the financial burden of stall owners. Lastly, youngsters (owners of restaurants and cafes)  make use of technology to conduct heavy advertising to attract customers or potential workers who lead more sophisticated and affluent lifestyles. In contrast, coffee shops can only rely on word of mouth.
The writer is trying to bring out a point that in the near future, we might not even be able to see coffee shops around Singapore. I feel extremely concerned as technological advances should not replace historical valuables of Singapore. It's common to see young people going to air-conditioned Coffee Bean or Starbucks to get a drink instead of hot and stuffy coffee shops. They are willing to forge more money for the comforting ambience in Starbucks rather than the noisy and stuffy coffee shops.

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  1. I do agree with Sarah's points and reasons.
    Moreover, it is unrealistic to expect that students have a lot of free time when adults are so busy themselves. Singaporeans' lead hectic lives and some of us do not even have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal at a nearby coffee shop. Going to a cafeteria in the mall is definitely more comfortable and we can do our work as the chairs and tables are much more cleaner than those in hawker centers or coffee shops, we can also chill out with our friends there.