Sunday, 29 March 2015

Jing Jing (23)

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A Thai model, Ms Duangjai Phichutamphon, posted a video online. In the video, she was seen being pushed around by a throng of Chinese tourists that rushed over to a tax refund counter. She claimed that they were cutting queue, pushing each other to get to the front of the counter and other rude behaviors, criticising the Chinese. After this video went viral, she received hundreds of offensive posts made to her Facebook page and most of them were accusing her of being transgender "ladyboy" and insulting Thailand by saying it is a poor and degenerate country.  

I do not agree with the way the Thai Model expresses her opinion and how the public retaliate. I respect that Ms Duangjai has her own opinion regarding this issue but after all, social media is a public place and she should be more mindful of the way she expressed her view.  However, i also do not support the public's retaliation. I understand that they are enraged by Ms Duangjai's tackless remarks, but by insulting her online, they are just proving to act like Ms Duangjai, which was the precise reason why they were upset with. To also drag the country into this matter, I believe, is overboard as this issue started with Ms Duangjai and they have no reason to insult Thailand, saying it is poor and other nasty remarks.

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  1. I also don't think that the people shouldn't have critised the Thai model online since that news spread quickly oni the media, and that the model was just expressing her opinions. However Ms Duangjai is in the wrong too. Since she is model, journalists can easily take this incident and make things exaggerated, and might tarnish her reputation.
    You can add who criticized Ms Duangjai, the Chinese or others.