Thursday, 12 March 2015

ng tat kit 33

the issue being discussed here is a restraint secretary failed to renew the restaurant's  halal certificate and lied to her boss that it was under going processing and showed him a fake email. she also showed investigators fake certificates.
I feel vey strongly that she should not have done this as tis could have offended halal people who had eaten there as the food might not have been halal. for this act, she could have been fired from her job, and she only committed this crime as she wanted to get her boss off her back and so forged the certificate.
she may be jailed up to four years along with four strokes of the cane. this would be a relatively light punishment against the anger that the Halas will aim at her. this could disrupt Singapore's delicate balance of racial harmony and even cause violence such as the case in America where a restaurant  owner who had sold non halal food to halals was badly beaten up.
we should all respect each others religious beliefs not matter what our own beliefs may be, and in this way will Singapore be a truly multiracial country.


  1. Please remember to insert the link to the news article. thanks

  2. I agree with you that what she did was wrong and I think that the worker is very irresponsible. As an employee, she should try her best in applying the halal certificate instead of forging one. Furthermore,what she did deceived not only her employer, but also the authorities and the Muslim customers. The food may not be halal and having the Muslims eat it may be a sin to the Muslims. Hence, I conclude that the employee should have been honest to her employer on the matter of the halal certificate instead of replicating a fake one.