Monday, 9 March 2015

Tong Yizhi (20)

Article: Consider road safety vests for seniors (straits time) 
Date of publish: 8 March 2015
Issue being discussed: LTA will be requiring heavy vehicles to fit an additional blind spot mirrors. Another thing is they realized that seniors usually have difficulties in walking so sometimes when crossing the roads, it is difficult for vehicles to notice their slow walking movements from afar and thus increasing the risk of getting hit. So they were provided with vests and allow them to be spotted easily and thus reduce the risk.
General observation about this issue: Sometimes when I was crossing the road, I would see elderly crossing the raid with a walking stick. They are walking very slowly and their movement is not that steady. It was difficult for the drivers to notice them.
In this article, the writer states that wearing the vest will prevent the disabled and elderly from getting hit. I agree with the writer. By wearing the vests, they will be noticed easily and thus the driver will be able to drive with more caution. Even though it will be safer for them, but the drivers and the pedestrians should also exercise road safety. This will prevent the unwanted accidents. I think that wearing vests will decrease the risk of getting hit. But still, the best way is everyone exercise road safety, obey the traffic rules. I think this is the most effective method among all.

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  1. Yes I agree with you. Adding measures to road safety can help save lives. We should, all play an important role in road safety and play our part by exercising road safety in our daily lives. Also, adding measures to road safety can help us be more vigilant and alert.