Monday, 23 March 2015

Tong Yizhi (20)

Article: parents arrested for helping students cheat in exam.
Date of article: 22 March 2015

Issue being discussed: Parents of the students taking test for Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) was helping their children to cheat. It was discovered and thousands of students were disqualified for cheating. Bihar's education minister P. K. Shahi refused to accept any blame for the cheating. He stated that it is impossible to stop the parents if they do no wish to cooperate. But what is most important is this is not the first time such things has happened.
In the article, Bihar's education minister P.K. Shahi was quoted as saying: "It is not possible to fully stop cheating during exams or hold exams where students don't go for unfair means." and he refused to take blame for the cheating. I disagree with him by saying it is not possible. I think he should be partly blamed for the cheating. As stated in the article, this is not the first time so something like this should have happened before. If so, he should have thought of a solution for this instead of just leave it as it is and say it is not possible to prevent the parents from helping their children to cheat. I think it is possible to hold exams where students cannot go for unfair means. If he put in more invigilators for the exams, have more pairs of eyes watching the students, then whoever is cheating would be immediately found out. Thus I think it is possible to prevent cheatings and disagree with him.
Relate to Singapore: In Singapore, it is very hard for students to cheat in exams. It will be even harder for national exams such as PSLE, A levels and O levels. The place that the exams are being held at is tightly "guarded" by invigilators. Furthermore, before any tests or exams start, students have to put their bags and electronic gadgets out of reach, somewhere far like outside the examination area. Thus, it will be rare for students found cheating as it is almost impossible for them to cheat.

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  1. I think that Bihar's education minister point of view is totally wrong. As an education prime minister, he should do his part and have full responsibility with what is wrong with the education system and not take things for granted. I think that parents are in the wrong as well as they should be role models for their children.