Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wei Ze Yu (21)

Article: Parents in India's Bihar state arrested for helping students cheat in exams
Date of publishing: 22 March 2015

  This article is about parents in Bihar state helping their children to cheat. Parents climbed up the school building and passed the answer sheets to their children. At least 750 students have being expelled for the cheating scandal. About 300 people, mostly parents, have been arrested in the Indian state of Bihar.
  At first, I was amused when I see this article as the parents climbed on the school building just to help their children to cheat, then I was astonished as I cannot imaging what kind of parents would help their children to cheat in a test. However, when I read the article carefully, I understood why is this happening. India is not a wealthy country, most people live in poverty. Exam held by the Bihar School Examination Board are viewed as a make-or-break that could transform the lives of millions growing up in poverty. I felt lucky for myself to be in Singapore as there are many chances in Singapore. The government will also give help to the families who are poor.
  It is also not quite possible to cheat during test in Singapore as the examination rules are extremely strict. It is impossible for parents to help their children to cheat and all electronic devices must be kept away from the student. There would be invigilators invigilating during the whole exam period and once one is caught cheated during exam. The consequences would be dire. If that was an A level exam, the student will not be allowed to take the exam for the next few years and there will be a record.

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