Friday, 13 March 2015

Wei Zeyu (21)

  The topic being discussed is drink driver suspected jailed for lying his wife was at wheel. Christopher Chua Chun Kiat, 44, drove his car when he was drunk and lied that his wife was at the wheel. However, it was found that he was lying and only changed his seat with his wife after the offense and he was jailed for a week.

  I think that Christopher Chua should not have driven his car after drinking. I am sure that he knew that there are many dangers while driving when you are drunk. He was lucky that there were not any accidents, he had risked himself and others' lives by doing that. His wife should told him not to do so but she failed to, she should have drove the car since the begining but not changing seats half way since she was not drunk. They should not have lied that the wife is the one who was at the wheel. Instead, they should have owned up and accept the punishment that will be given to them. If they had owned up, Christopher Chua would not have being jailed for one week and the punishment would be lighter. This is an issue in Singapore, there are many inconsiderate drivers in our country, they risked their own and others' lives by looking at their phones while driving. However, Singapore has a law that bans the drivers to use phones, so now, there are fewer drivers doing so.

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  1. You made a clear stand and it is good that you actually state that the government had banned drink driving and thus it is a crime to do so in Singapore.

    However, you could further elaborate on the point that Christopher Chua should not change places with his wife. This will result in a lot of consequences. Firstly, should the police not track down that the driver was actually Christopher, his wife will be put behind the bars instead of him and I find that it is ridiculous and unfair to the wife to take up the punishments for the husband's wrong doing. Christopher Chua would not learn a lesson and if similar cases happened and fatal accidents occur because of his drink driving, his punishments would not be any lighter. It is also silly for the wife to agree to change place with him in the first place.