Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 11 March 2015

Youth slashed another in fight on ITE campus 

Source: Straits Time app
Published on: 11 March 2015 

The issue discussed here is that a teenager at the age of 16 slashed another teenager because of relationship problems in a school campus, witnessed by both students and security guard but none dared to go forward and help the victim because the attacker was using a big knife and would be dangerous to anyone who went forward to help. After the attack when the victim finally ran away after getting slashed many times on his arm and back, he seek help from the general office and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment while someone seemed like the attacker was arrested by the police that evening. Although the attacker is still a student studying but he still can be charged to 7 years jail, a fine and also canning. 

The writer did not react to the news but I feel that the security guard should have went forward to stop the attacker from slashing and take away the knife from him. A security is hired for a reason and that is to protect the people that the security guard is assigned to. If the security can't risk risk his or her life to protect someone else, I feel that he or she is not meant to be one. Besides, I feel that it is lunatic for the teenager to slash someone else with a knife because of a girlfriend. At that age, they should be concentrating studying, not going around and make relationships with the opposite gender or even attack the same gender because of these reasons. I hope that the attacker will be punished accordingly so that lesser people will become influenced or even hurt by these people. We should always study hard when we are young and don't be involve in boy-girl relationships so that we do not regret in the future for not studying hard like what many adults do and that we can find a better job and live a better live than others. 

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  1. i agree with you on your point that students should be focussing on studies at their age because this is their only chance for them to determine their future, if they ruin this opportunity, their fate may differ from their expectations. studying is the least one can do for oneself. if relationship issues divert one from his goals, he should know better than to continue with such behaviour and thinking that relationships are important. this even led him to a fight which ended him up in prison, if he did concentrate on studying, he would not have landed in such mishap.