Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 25 March 2015

Drunken man slapped Cabby and tried to strangle him

Source: Straits Time App 
Published on: 25 March 2015 

The issue discussed here is that a drunken man, a Norwegian national slapped a Cabby and chased him twice trying to strangle him when he was rejected as the cabby needed to use the wash room and will not be taking any more customers. This upsets the drunken man and attacked the cabby. Fortunately, two by standers came and stopped the commotion, saving the Cabby's life who was sent to the hospital and only suffered superficial injuries. Although the drunken man's lawyer said that he did it in a fit of anger, the judge disagrees as he chased the cabby twice in order to strangle him, instead of only once. 

The writer did not have any opinions to the news but he did mentioned that the Deputy Pubilc Prosecutor said that the cabby, Mr Chan is a public transport worker and has his rights to work in a save enviornment. I agree with him as I think that workers have their rights and we as passengers and members of the public should respect them since they are serving us and we should appreciate their service to the community instead of flaring at them when they don't meet our standards. We would also want others to respect us so we should also respect others, especially our elders. 

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