Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lim Xin Yi (15 )

Link to StraitsTimes online article :  nepal-earthquake-school-crumbling-so-orphans-sleep-the-open-201504

       In this news article , it was reported that as result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015  ( Saturday ) , had caused a meant for orphans and poor or neglected children to collapsed , living orphans from as young as 3 year olds to sleep in the open. This school is called The Children of the Universe and it is supported by a Singaporean , Ms Mo Shuyi, It was also stated that this school is situated just a few kilometres outside Kathmandu. According to the victims , the army has provided them with food , shelter and water. However, there is still currently n access to electricity there.

         Personally , I feel sorry for the people in Nepal. Gone were not only their properties but their loved ones. After the earthquake struck Nepal , it was reported that not only did homes in villages to collapse, but high-rise buildings were also unable to withstand the vibration and gave in to the earthquake. Worst of all , till now , it has been reported that at least 7000 victims of the earthquake have been found dead while many others were either still disconnected or injured. I think that all these people are innocent and it was just extremely unlucky of them to be affected. I think that losing one's loved one is not a trivial matter as one's loved one is of much significance to oneself.Therefore, I believe that it will take the family members or friends of the dead to take a long time to get over the lose of someone who ad been so important to them , some people might not even recover from it. Furthermore, house or either swept away poor in poor conditions. Therefore, it will take the people much money , time and effort to rebuild clean up the houses.
I also feel very fortunate to live in Singapore as Singapore is safe from this kinds of natural disasters that happen to almost very other country in the world. I also cherish the time I spend with my loved ones , in a place where I will not have to worry about a catastrophe brewing.

         Although Singapore is not experiencing such events, I believe that even though Singapore s a well-developed country, it will also not be able to avoid this disaster if t happens in Singapore. I feel so as I think that no matter how advanced technology is , it will never be able to avoid natural disasters that are meant to happen . I think that the most technology can help is by reducing the impact caused. Thus, I think that although Singapore is a very fortunate country to not experience such earthquakes, it will not be able to avoid it completely if it were to be able to happen in Singapore.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 29/04

Current Affairs (7)

Link to article :
Article name : Parents turn to apps for homework help
Published date : 27 April 2015

  This article is about many parents in Singapore, using social media and online apps for "online tuition" to help their children. To do so, parents simply need to snap a picture of the questions and post it on any of the groups. It has become much more convenient since they usually get the answers to their question, from other parents or private tutors, within a few hours' time. Some of the social medias used for the "online tutorings" are WhatsApp, WeChat and EduSnap. Usually, less than 50 questions were recieved daily by those platforms, while now there are almost 150 questions received a day.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I will elaborate more on my point of view instead. Personally, i feel that there are both pros and cons to this method of helping their children with their work. Firstly, some advantages are that people will be able to share their answers and help each other at the same time. They will also be able to get the answers to the questions that they do not know in a very short time and this helps to save time and trouble of researching a lot just to get the answers. However, on the other hand, there are also quite a number of disadvantages to it, for example, we might not know how reliable the answers given are and at the same time, it is not the right way to study if we just simply copy down the answers without understanding it fully. Thus, in conclusion, i feel that we should make use of this properly and not in the wrong way. Parents should explain and break the answer down for their child before giving them the answer to the questions.

Leong Shi Hui Current Affairs Response 29/4/15

Article Title: Parents turn to apps for homework help
Article Link:

1. The issue being discussed is that many parents are now tapping social media and mobile apps for

"online tuition" to help their children. Parents snap pictures of practice papers or school assignments, 

and post up to 20 questions daily on each of these groups which questions will be answered within a 

few hours by other parents or tutors.

2. Even though this method of finding answers to questions which their child does not know how to 

do is popular, but I don't think that this is correct because the parents cannot keep helping their child, 

the child should learn how to do the problems themselves. Even if their parents want to use this 

method to find out the answer, after looking at the solution, they should tell their child the answer or

help them do. They should do it together while the parent is being the one guiding the child. If the

parent just gives their child the answer to the question, the child will not learn anything from it and 

when this question comes out in an exam paper, the child would not be able to answer it since

they just copied the solution when they tried it the first time, hence the child would only be able to 

memorize the solution to a specific question with specific values and they would not be able to apply

the knowledge of how to answer that question to other similar questions.  So when the question is 

tweaked slightly, the child will not be able to solve the question. For example, I know someone 

whose parents keep letting him copy the solutions, which made him not being able to answer similar 

questions which only the values are changed but the method is the same. In conclusion, I believe that 

the parent should not just let the child copy-and-paste the solution to the question but instead teach 

them step-by-step the understanding and reasoning behind the solution so that they will be able to 

apply that knowledge to other questions.  

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Boy survives six-storey fall at Stirling Road
Article Link:
  This article is about a three-year-old boy who survived after falling down from a sixth floor flat. He hit the edge of a wall before landing on the carpark ground at Block 168 on Stirling Road. He did not have any other obvious injuries except that his back was bruised. The cause of him falling is that he tumbled out of the kitchen window when his grandmother went downstairs to retrieve a pair of pants that had fallen. Police investigations are still going on as the family declined to be interviewed.
  I disagree with the way the grandmother is taking care of the three-year-old boy.
  The boy is still a child, and is only three-year-old. As a grandmother, she should have experienced in taking care of children. Thus, she should not have even leave the boy alone in the house in the first place. Children likes to play and experience things that they are curious about and never experience before. Hence, there should always be an adult looking after kids at all time. Also, the grandmother mindset is wrong. She may think that she is just going down for a short while and there's nothing dangerous in the house. However, she is wrong. Nobody can predict what will happen next, just like her, who cannot even foresee that the kitchen window is a dangerous place and think of ways to not allow the boy to reach the window. The grandmother should think of all ways and try to prevent the boy from going near them. Despite that, in the first place, she should not have left the boy alone, no matter is it in the house or any safe place. It is a risk to leave kids alone especially when they do not know what is right and what is wrong. Lucky for the family, the boy did not suffer any serious injuries. They should be grateful for that and also learn the lesson. I hope that this kind of things will not happened again as since parents decided to give birth to babies, they should ensure that there is always someone with them and be responsible for any incidents that will happen. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information- The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) has issued a circular to its staff advising them not to use a shortcut leading from Biopolis to Commonwealth MRT station, after one of its researchers was slashed there last Saturday night. 
- See more at:

My Response: 
  I feel that the it better to be safe than sorry. I think people should avoid places that is deserted or dimly lit as if anything happen, there will be be an eye witness during the scene and nobody to come and help you should anything bad happen. If they are at a more crowded place, the crowd will be able to help as someone can come and help the situation, people will also not do bad things under everybody's eyes. Even if you are short of time or wanting to rush somewhere, you should still take the safer way as life is more important. This news is a good example of what I said. I also think that maybe the government might want have more police potrolling the deserted area as since it is deserted, the chances of crime happening will be high and with little police force, the crimes will not be able to be seen or noticed and the bad guy will not be arrested. People would usually pick a place like the one in the news to do bad things thus this will help to reduce the number of crimes. I also feel that is also important to go to a place brightly lit especially at night as you will be able to people better and able to avoid trouble and see the possible criminals faces better.

Article response luo Tianhong 32

This article is about the new online video which suggests that maids know their children better than their mothers. It drew flak as many criticized it as putting mothers in a bad light by generalizing, and that mothers not knowing their children well has nothing to do with the aim of the video, giving the maids a day of.

I think that this video is fine as it gives us a new light to the maids problem, as said by the article. However, it avoids the main problems surrounding it. Many parents are adverse to giving maids a lot of days off, because they can't cope without the maids. They are busy and need help at home, someone to look after the children. This video does not address the main problem, so I don't think that it would have a large impact on the problem. Though the video is a warning to spend more time with the child, it only indirectly impacts giving maids a day off. Furthermore, it can be achieved without giving maids a day off, scratch that, not giving maids a day of might even mean more time spent with the children as they don't need to spend time doing house chores. Thus, I think that the video should address the problem directly.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Yeoh Zi jun 36 2H

The article I am discussing about today is that an Aussie blogger faked that she had brain cancer and managed to survive it. When the truth came to light, it ignited widespread outrage. Ms Gibson had also failed to hand over money which she said that it was for charity. Upon reading this news article, my emotions were like a shaken coca cola bottle ready to be erupted. I felt very enraged at her lying about getting brain cancer and surviving it. It gave people false hopes of being able to be cured from cancer. Many people trusted her words and she quickly gained a large online following. It sheds a very bad light on herself. This goes to show that people were going to extreme measures and lord knows what she did to the money that was allegedly used for charity. I am very disappointed that there are such people in the community. I felt that something was off when she said that she survived cancer by abandoning chemotherapy and turning to wholes food and natural therapies. Her fraud endangered lives who stupidly followed her 'teaching'. However, the fact that some people were not skeptical about her story goes to show about their trust in the modern technology of being able to do most things. I feel sorry for the people who gave her the benefit of a doubt. If this was to happen in Singapore or is concerning Singapore in any way, I feel that we would be very angry as such behaviors should not be tolerated.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

JOYCE 11 31/03

Mother of Amos Yee, teenage arrested for insensitive remarks on Christianity in video, says son is beyond control. Amos Yee, 16 this year, was arrested for posting a video on YouTube which allegedly celebrated the death of the late Founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and in this video, he insulted Christianity too and this had angered a lot of viewers. The video was bombarded with negative comments, mostly saying that this teenage had done the wrong act which should not be tolerated.

More than 20 police reports have been lodged against him over the video as well as over obscene material posted on his blog on Sunday. Both the video and the blog post have since been removed.

From my perspective, I feel that Amos Yee, by recording a video that insulted late Mr Lee and also Christainity, has shown disrespect to both Mr Lee and Christians and has also brought disgrace to his parents. 

Firstly, I feel that Mr Lee should not be insulted as he's the founding father of Singapore, the founder of our homeland. Without his contribution, we wouldn't be living under a trustworthy shelter or living in such a comfortable and green city. Without him, we wouldn't have such advanced economic growth or  a fast loading wifi. It was him who sacrifice half of his entire life time just to bring happiness and bliss to his people. It was him who put food and water on out tables. It was him who brought us from a third world country to a first world country. Without him we're probably still a small fishing village with only a small population. He had always been giving his utmost when it concerns our welfare and livelihood. He's just like a father who cares for his children, taking care of their life, providing them with enough resources. He deserves to rest in peace and see his people be proud of what he has done. He had truly done a lot for us, we wouldn't be here if it's not because of his hardwork. Thus, I feel that AmosYee should not have been so rude and disrespectful to Mr Lee. He should at least give him some respect by hoping he rest in peace in stead of creating uproar during the nation mourning period.

Secondly, I feel that he should not insult Christianity. Although he is not a Christian, he has no rights to disrespect other religion. By insulting others religious belief, he was really rude and he would possibly cause an uproar across the internet. People would start attacking him with hurtful words and I believe that no one likes that feeling. Moreover, it doesn't look nice to have such a heating topic going around when it was supposed to be nation mourning period. 

Hence, I think that Amos Yee was doing the wrong act. He should learn to appreciate Mr Lee's contribution and also others' beliefs. His action should not be condoned too. He should be punished so that he would reflect and change. Until now, he still does not think that he's in the wrong.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 22 April 2015

Time to make babies - with a little help  

Source: iPad Straits time app 
Published on: 22 April 

The issue discussed here is that two pandas who were moved to Singapore in 2012, named Kai Kai, male aged 7 and Jia Jia, female aged 6 were showing affection to each other and started to mate for about 40 minutes in the shared closure. However, according to the veterinary, the session didn't seem to be quite successful and it may be due to Kai Kai's poor quality of sperm. Currently, they have artificially inseminated Jia Jia to increase her chance of conceiving as a female panda only have one reproductive cycle a year and only fertile for 24-36 hours. Therefore, it is important that the two pandas mate as pandas are currently endangered species of animals. 

The writer did not give any opinions on this topic but we are told that the pandas have very short reproductive time and thus, lead to pandas being endangered species in the world with only 1600 left in China while 300 around the world. I totally agree that it has been a hard slog as the pandas have only show affection to each other only after 3 years. Singapore is indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to raise two pandas, especially that we are in a tropical climate which is supposedly not the desired climate for them but we have stimulated climate for them to be more comfortable. Also, because they have been showing affection for each other, the veterans and others do not wish to let this chance slip away so the professionals are trying to make their living conditions more comfortable and suitable for them, this way Jia Jia the female panda will have a higher chance of conceiving. I hope we can have the first panda born in Singapore especially in SG 50 and it will definately be a special occasion. Let's cross our fingers for good news! 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 21/4/2015

One teenager, Daryl Lim Jun Liang, was sentenced ten days of detention after joining three of his friends in Yishun to find for smaller-built foreign workers to beat up." He was also ordered to report to a supervising officer every day for a year, be electronically tagged and remain indoors from 10pm to 6am. He also has to perform 150 hours of community service within a year.

Lim, an Institute of Technical Education student, is out on $15,000 bail." says Straits Times.

I think that this teenager is very irresponsible. 

Firstly, it is not right to hurt others for ones pleasure. This is a very selfish act and it simply this shows how inconsiderate this teen is. It is definitely unfair to actually hurt someone innocent and have not done anything to harm you. The foreigners have came here to have a better income and also to help build Singapore's infrastructure and benefitted us in every way and caused the minimum amount of trouble. Thus, these teenagers should learn how to appreciate what they have done to Singapore, and not to treat them like toys or slaves for their own pleasure.

Secondly, by doing this to a foreigner, it gives them a very bad impression of Singapore. They have come here to expect a better income, but did not come here to work like slaves for money. They came here because they know that Singapore treats these foreigners well and gives them good pay. However, once they encounter such violence, they would completely change their initial thoughts about how Singapore is like. They would probably dread working in Singapore. This is something that our government or the other Singaporeans want, since we do welcome them to Singapore despite the difference. Thus, the teenagers to begin with the end in mind and think of others thoughts before acting.

We are lucky that we have the Ministry Of Manpower to deal with such acts of injustice, and would act immediately to those who do not promotes equality and have means to harm others. However, I do feel that this articles makes Singaporeans reflect on how we view foreigners. We should learn to welcome them to our nation and provide them with our utmost hostility. This can thus promote equality and peace in Singapore.   

Tong Yizhi 20 2/04/15

Article: Fewer dengue cases but keep your guard up


Date of publish: 20 April 2015

Issue being discussed: 

The number of dengue cases reported in the first three months of this year may have gone down by more than a third, compared with last year. However, residents still have to keep their guard up as the number of Aedes mosquito breeding spots in homes increased by 80 per cent last month, compared with February. Especially recently, the warmer months of June to October is coming and it is the traditional peak season for dengue, due to faster breeding and maturation cycles for the Aedes mosquitoes, as well as short incubation periods for the dengue virus. It is very advisable to keep their guard after all, there is no cure for dengue.

General observations: sometimes as I walked along my neighbourhood, I can see stagnant water unclear at the basin of flower pots. Sometimes puddles of water are seen after the rain. But as for man-made stagnant water like the flower pot, it is our responsibility to clear them to prevent breeding of mosquitoes.

The Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Grace Fu said we need every household to be vigilant and not to let their guard down because the environment at home will have a direct impact on our families and I agree with her. If we did not check for some possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes, chances of getting dengue fever will be high. I think it is important for us to be vigilant, especially during the breeding months as after all, none of us want to see our loved ones getting ill. Furthermore, dengue fever can actually cause death and they are not curable. Home may be a safe place but that does not mean it is hundred percent safe. If we let our guard down, then the safe home we all had will turn to somewhere dangerous due to breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

I think keeping our environment safe, be it home or our neighborhood, is our responsibility. We should stay vigilant at all time and not let our guard down as we should not take our safe environment for granted.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yi Ling (12) (20.4.15)

This article is about a younger who killed his own older brother by stabbing into his neck and was arrested for murder. The brothers were not on good terms and got into a fight that day. The domestic helper heard cries when she woke up to use the bathroom and the mother sounded so pitiful but she didn't dare open the door to see what happened.
I feel that no matter who serious a fight is, you should control your temper and not go to the extent of killing the other party, especially when the other party is your own sibling. Killing someone else is a very serious matter and it is definitely not worth it to kill someone just because of an argument. The younger brother should know to control himself and know the consequences of killing someone, to think before he act. If he thought before he stabbed the older brother, he would have most probably stopped himself from killing the older brother, knowing the serious consequences or murder.

Han Wei (26)

Bail not posted for Amos Yee, so he spends night in jail. 

SINGAPORE - Amos Yee, whose online rants against Christianity have landed him in trouble with the law, will spend the entire weekend in remand after no one turned up to bail out the 16-year-old on Saturday.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Chambers also made it clear on Saturday after queries by The Straits Times that the only reason the teenager remains in remand is because no one has come forward to provide the bail.

During a pre-trial conference (PTC) on Friday, District Judge Kessler Soh converted the $20,000 police bail Amos had been on to court bail, requiring bail to be reposted. But his parents decided against posting bail, which meant that the teenager was led away in handcuffs to be put in remand.

He was charged on March 31 with attacking Christianity, transmitting an obscene image and posting an online video that insulted founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He agreed as condition of his bail not to post anything online until his case is decided.

But on Tuesday, he asked for donations to fund legal fees on his blog and Facebook page. The blog post included links to the offensive videos and posts that led to him being charged in the first place.

- See more at:

I feel that Amos Yee should be jailed for what he has done. In one of the pictures, he is seen smiling and waving to the camera. This shows that he is not remorseful of what he had done and feel that he is proud of his actions. He even had the cheek to ask for the public to raise funds to pay his court case. On March 31, he posted a video insulting the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity. He not only insulted Mr Lee but the whole Singapore. Mr Lee had done so much for us and Amos should thank him and appreciate what he has done for Singapore. Instead, he was not apreciative and even made insultive and rudeful comments about him. I think he should be jail so that he will learn and reflect on his actions. 

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (4) 18/03

Article Title : 'Honour the Spirit of What Papa Stood For'
Date Published : 18 March 2015
Link to News :

This article is about what Mr Lee Kuan Yew's daughter, Ms Lee Wei Ling, said about his wishes during his lifetime. One of the things that he was really particular about was his housing estate. He insisted that it was to be demolished, even if it could not be demolished my his descendents because of certain laws, it was never to be opened to the public and only to family members.

This shows that he was really modest as he knew that after his death, there will be many people of the public who wants to take a look at the interior of the house and it might be opened into a museum. But he did not want that to happen because what made the people want to look at his house was what he had done for Singapore and his achievements. He does not want to be popular because of this, to him, all he had done for Singapore was truly from his heart and all he wanted from all those sacrifices, decisions, was a successful Singapore, which he had gotten in the end. And with the present Singapore, he does not want anything else. Mr Lee is really a modest man who did a lot for Singapore in his entire life. We can learn this value from him, when we are doing something for others, think only of how we can benefit them and not selfishly be thinking of what we can get from it. If everyone exercises this value, we will all live in a harmonious world where people take care of each other with no hidden intentions for themselves.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

chua xinyue (4) 18.4.15

issue being discussed : amos yee's parents were unwilling to pay his bails and he posted online to ask for donations as he claimed that he has only $70 in his bank account. if he was not bailed today, he has to be in remand for the weekend. the judge said that while amos' case was still ongoing, he must refrain from posting any content. he was eating a banana and waving to reporters when he arrived at court.

feelings : i find it utterly disgusting that amos yee is not ashamed by his acts and still dares to ask people to donate for his bails. this act strongly grossed me out as he should not ask others to donate to get him out of remand for insulting the late mr lee kuan yew and attacking christianity. he should be grateful and feel lucky to have not been taken to the boys' home or get caned. it also impacted me that he dared to wave at the reporters with much friendliness when he knew he was going into the court to face the dire consequences of his acts. does he not feel the shame? 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Ashley Loo (16)

1. The issue being discussed here is that there are strong bonds in HDB families where married children still going back to visit their parents frequently while continuing to provide them with financial support. During their visits, they mostly shared meals, exchanged suggestions and advice about personal problems and went on outings together. Even when their family members live quite far from them,they are still willing to visit them often. Another research was about the community bonding. Neighbors in HDB Estates would greet each other but very few of them would engage in closer interaction. 

2. The writer didn't state his/her point of view but here is my point of view. I think that even if you move out of your parents' house and live away from them, we should still go back to visit them despite the distance we live from them. I'm sure that all parents will miss their children when they get married and move out. The parents have done so much for the children and we, children have to just visit them frequently and give them financial support. It isn't that hard afterall. Furthermore, I think that the bond among neighbors is very important too. When your family is away from you, who are the people who are nearest to you now? The answer is neighbors. Neighbors can help you a lot, from taking care of your children to lending or borrowing stuff from each other. Neighbors can be always there for you since I'm sure that someone living at your block will be at home when you need help. Imagine when you're helpless, and you think of the neighbor living beside you, it's like seeing a ray of light in plain darkness. It is definitely wrong if you're cold to your neighbors or not even saying hi to one another. Thus, to conclude, I think that there should be a strong bond in families even though they are not living in the same house anymore and neighbors who are always there for you. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Leong Shi Hui Current Affairs Response 16/4/15

Article Title: Carnival Tickets: Students Fell Sales Pressure
Article Link:

1. The issue being discussed is that a letter which was written by the principal of ACS (Barker) that was sent out to all the parents of students that are currently studying in ACS (Barker) and ACS (Primary) had been interpreted as pressuring the students to sell tickets for their fund-raising carnival and to buy $50 worth of tickets for their own use.

2. I feel that the parent should have read the letter more carefully since the letter has clearly stated that the principal 'recommended' the students to buy $50 of tickets and not forcing them to buy it. I feel that the parent should have read the letter more properly and if she has misconceptions or questions, she should have called the school's general office and pose this question to the principal and try to solve this misconception personally and not post this letter to Stomp and complain about it. This action will not solve the misconception between them and instead will turn this matter from a molehill to a mountain. Hence, I feel that the parent should try to settle matters between themselves. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 15/04

Current Affairs (6)

Link to article :
Article name : Man jailed for fimling women in shop's fitting room
Published date : 15 April 2015

  This article is about Tan Wee Sien, a former sales assistant who is now a fulltime national serviceman, committing 4 offences of insulting modesty. Not just that single case, there were also two other occasions when he filmed an unidentified women in the fitting room.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I will talk about my point of view instead. Firstly, I find him a huge disgrace to Singapore because as a national serviceman, he should at least have known the rights and wrongs instead of doing such unacceptable acts. I feel really shocked reading this news that a national serviceman would actually do such a thing. I am sure that Singapore will take necessary actions against him and make sure that such thing will not happen again.

Audrey Yeo (01)

Summary: A couple was charged with seven counts of sedition and one failing to produce documents to a Deputy Superintendent. They are the ones behind The Real Singapore website and published articles which allegedly promoted ill will and hostility between different and classes. For example, claiming China women coming to Singapore to hook men up.

Reflections: I feel that it was intolerant of the couple to make such cynical remarks on people of different religion, race, class. In my opinion, these are acts of discrimination and their articles are reinforcing the stereotype prejudice views that Singaporeans might already instilled in them.
Furthermore, TSR claims that their objective 'is to instil fear in companies and making them think twice before hiring foreigners without really considering our Singaporean workforce' and yet, the boyfriend is a Singaporean student and the girlfriend is an Australian. Most of their articles denigrates foreigners in Singapore. Articles could be written by one of them but either way it would seem like an irony. The Singaporean student would be directing to his girlfriend who is a foreigner too, while the girlfriend would be directing these articles to herself because she is a foreigner. If the netizens points these ironies out, I am sure the couple would become laughingstocks. Singapore is not only multi racial society but also a society which accepts foreigers and try our best to help them earn a living. It is only right that we correct our prejudice mindset and start to appreciate people to preserve our multi racial society.

Calyn (2) for 1/4/15

Issue being discussed: A teenager posted a video online that insulted Christianity and attacked Mr Lee Kuan Yew on a video on YouTube.
General observations about issue discussed: On Sunday, Amos was arrested for a video he posted last Friday that allegedly celebrated the death of Singapore's founding Prime Minister. The eight-minute-long video included remarks about Christianity that some people found insensitive.
How the writer approaches this issue: I feel that Amos Yee's actions are rude and unforgivable. He has offended Mr Lee Kwan Yew, who has built Singapore, sacrificing his life and making singapore such a successful country which is lawful. I have watched Amos Yee's video and he expressed his feelings about Mr Lee in an absolutely unforgivable manner.
Relating to singapore context: He will probably be given a warning and hopefully learn his lesson not to ridicule an important figure who sacrificed his life for us.

See more at:

Calyn Seah (2)

Issue being discussed:  A man killed his elder brother after a heated argument and is now arrested.
General observations about issue discussed: They are siblings and I think kinship is more important than what they are arguing about. We should learn to calm down and talk things over and not resort to violence as it will never solve the problem.
How the writer approaches this issue: What this man did was really cruel and terrifying. It is foolish to be violent over an argument. One should learn how to control our emotions and not do foolish things in a moment of folly. I think if they have family problems, they should sit down and talk about it and not do serious things like resorting to kill the other party. This is a serious consequence and I'm sure he would regret it for rest of his life as they are brothers after all.
Relating to singapore context: I think this man would probably get a death sentence or be sentenced jail for his whole life. 

Lee Xin Yi (15)

Article name: Man jailed for filming women in shop's fitting room
Article link:
  This article is about a man named, Tan Wee Sien, who was jailed for four weeks for filming woman in the changing room. He is a full-time national serviceman who previously working in a clothing shop and he was caught filming woman using a mobile phone while she was changing.
  I disagree with the man's actions.
  Firstly, it is a very serious matter for filming women when they are changing. As a salesman of the shop, not only did he not protect their modesty, he invade their privacies. These are things that even women don't do to one another. I do not understand what he was thinking when he was filming them. Looking at others private parts are not even fun at all but he enjoyed it so much that he repeated his actions many times. This show how sick-minded he is. Secondly, what he did make me feel more insecure while changing in fitting rooms of shopping malls or clothing shops. Not only did he makes me feel insecure, he makes everyone, especially females feel insecure. Clothing shops' incomes may drop just because of him as people are now more careful when changing. Especially in ships that have male salesman, females will tend to be more careful, or even not enter the shop despite how nice their clothes are. Thus, his actions not only caused himself to be in trouble, his actions also affected others. Many shops may also now be more aware of hiring male salesman or even do not hire them in a female's clothing shop.
  Hence, I feel that he should really reflect upon himself on his mindset and behaviors. If he continue with this kind of disgusting behaviors, I strongly believed that the charges that he will face will be more harsh than the charges he faced recently.

Link to news article
       In this news article, it is reported that a Canadian, Peter Antony Kampos, of age 36 years, was fined $600 for pushing the emergencypanel of ab SMRT train driver's cabin and entering the cabin.According to Mr Kampos, he had noticed the emergency exit panel of the  driver's cabin at the rear end of the train and used it, as he wanted to get away from the crowded train carriage.

       Personally, I think that it was not rught of Nr Kampos to enter the driver's cabin at his on will. Luckily, the 2nd door that lead to the room where the driver is is locked. This orevented Mr Kampos to get into the driver's sight as seeing his sudden appearabce would probabky startle the driver abd cause him to lose attention on his driving.
However, if one were to view this incident from abother persoective, one will probably be able to empathise with the Kampos. As he is a Canadian, he may be new to Singaoore and unfamiliar with the laws under the Rapid Transit System Regulations. He may not bave known the laws under the Rapid Transit Systems Regulations. He may have not known about the consequences that his actions would bring about. He could have dont it and in a moment of rash and impulse.
Secondly, i think that it was very observant and smart of the commuter to report what he saw as i think that it was crucial in preventing Mr Kampos from further effort of trying to unkock the 2nd door. Also, if he had reported it , Mr Kampos could have been locked in the space between the driver's room and the commuter carriage, and if something were to happen to Mr Kampos, it is likely that nobody would know about it.

       In conclusion, I still think that Mr Kanpos was in the wrong and it was right for him to be ounished by the laws. I believe that in Canada, it is also ab offence for unauthorised people to enter the driver's  cabin .

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

The issue being discussed in this article is about a secondary 3 maths olympiad question which turned out to be a primary 5 logic question. The question was leaked out by students who took the math olympiad test, although they are not allowed to possess their phones at all times during the test.
I think this question is too hard for a primary 5 student to solve. This shows how stressful and advanced our education system is, compared to international level. The question was declared to be meant for 15 year-olds, but the fact that it appeared in a Primary 5 assignment is indeed very shocking, as the teachers expected these 11 year-olds to solve the question. I was even confused by the question when I first saw it, but even more appalled when I found out that it was a question in a primary school assignment. I feel that teachers should not set challenging questions which are beyond the students' abilities. Very few may be able to solve them, and even the some smarter ones face difficulties in solving them.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sarah Lim (19)


[Summary] China's economy had boomed over the past decade, and many were hungry for foreign travel after the country's decades of isolation in the last century. However, the Chinese's conduct overseas reflected poorly of China and blacklisting is the latest effort to control the tourists' behaviour abroad.
I feel that China's success today is partially because of how conscious they are in terms of the impressions they make on foreigners. The government sees the importance of citizens behaving morally when they step onto a foreign land. The citizens have to keep a watchful eye over their behaviour as it would directly affect people around them.
Acting anti-socially on public transport, damaging private or public property, disrespecting local customs, sabotaging historical exhibits or engaging in gambling or pornographic activities are examples of how one may act on a foreign land when ignorant and insensitive towards one's customs and cultures. I strongly feel that no matter where you are from, you step foot on this land, it's your responsibility to blend in with the people's ways of life, customs and culture and omit habits viewed unpleasantly by the people here. China have a foresight of how unpleasant it is when foreigners have bad impressions of them. They took action to tackle this problem is commendable. However, I believed a better solution would be 'educating' new generations on their conduct in public, rather than 'punishing' offenders when they were brought up this way since young. I hope the government would reconsider and suggest even better solutions to tackle this problem.
[Relating to Singapore context] There are any cases of students securing a scholarship and seizing this golden opportunity to study abroad. However, many had misconducted themselves, bringing much disgrace and humiliation to Singapore. Government may consider such blacklisting solutions. However, ineffectiveness comes when the blacklisted person isn't mentally affected to keep watchful of his/her behaviour as such a punishment like blacklisting isn't impactful enough.

Zhou Wei 24

General Information:
  A teenager who is in police custody for posting a video online that insulted Christianity and attacked Mr Lee Kuan Yew has been declared by his mother to be beyond her control. A reliable source told The Straits Times Amos Yee's mother has made a police report to that effect. On Sunday, Amos, who will turn 17 this year, was arrested for a video he posted last Friday that allegedly celebrated the death of Singapore's founding Prime Minister. The eight-minute-long video included remarks about Christianity that some people found insensitive. In a statement yesterday, police said Amos will face charges in court today under Section 298 of the Penal Code for utterances against Christians with a "deliberate intent to wound religious feelings". Other charges include circulating an obscene object and making threatening, abusive or insulting communication which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.
My Response:
  The issue being discussed is boy who uploaded a video that is offensive towards Christianity and Mr Lee Kuan Yew have been arrested for it. I feel that the boy should not have said such offensive things. Mr Lee spent his whole life caring about Singapore, making far-sighted plans in developing Singapore. He also worked hard to help Singapore so that it will develop into what it is now and changed Singapore from a fishing village with many riots to what it is now, making important and huge contributions to Singapore. This is all for us the people who live in Singapore, so that we will be able to live in a good place. He should have think twice before uploading that insensitive video on YouTube which gained instant attention. He should also have think about the consequences of uploading it and also remember the things Mr Lee have done for us and recognize that him leaving the world would be a huge lose to us and not something to celebrate. Without him, who knows how Singapore will develop, I might be fishing in the rivers with no internet or technology. He should appreciate who Mr Lee have done for us. Everyone have their own religion and people should not attack other people's religion just because they do not believe in it. He should respect the other people's religion and not make offensive comments about it. Since you reap what you sow, he would have to face the consequences now. Hope that he will be able to learn his lesson and think twice before doing anything.

Wei Zeyu (21)

The issue being discussed is Minister asks museum to extend LKY exhitibition. The Minister for Culture Community and Youth Mr Lawrence Wong had asked the museum to extend the LKY exhibition beyond its original end date 26 April 2015 as well as the weekend visiting hours, in response to strong public interest. Mr Lee's red box where he put his working documents which has come to symbolize his dedication to Singapore is displayed along other personal items at the exhibition. 

I am elated to see this piece of news as I have not gotten a chance to visit the museum and look at Mr Lee's things which are displayed there and now I can have more chances to visit the museum. Mr Lee was our founding Prime Minister, he had devoted his whole life in building Singapore and had turn Singapore from a third world country to a first world country in less than 50 years. He had gone through many hardships and made Singapore, our home, a better place for everyone to live. We should also appreciate what he have done for us and all the hardships he had gone through. Although he had left us forever on 23 March 2015 but we will always remember him. This LKY exhitibition can help us Singaporeans, to know our founding father better, so we should be grateful and not take the things he had done for us for granted. A few days ago just after Mr Lee's death, a teenager called Amos Yee insulted Mr Lee on YouTube. I think he should not have done that, it was extremely ungrateful and irrespectful, he has no rights to insult our late founding father as he do not know anything about him. Thus I think this exhibition is very meaningful as it helps us to know our Mr Lee better so we will appreciate him better.

Chew Jing Heng 25

Online petition to rename Changi Airport as LKY Airport closes with about 12,500 signatures

There were many mixed opinions on this article. Some people believe that it is a great idea to rename our airport yet some do not think so. As much as we respect our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I do not think that it is wise to rename our airport as LKY airport. 

On the comment section in the Straits Times website, Chan Lai commented that,'Let Changi Airport be Changi Airport. It is well known internationally. There are other places or monuments that can be named after LKY.' I agree with him. Changi airport is known to the world as Changi airport. Changing its name will only make matters complicated and the Changi airport that we used to know will not exist. Changi Airport is the best airport based on the SKYTRAX website and it has a really good reputation in the world. Many tourists will visit Changi Airport when they have their holidays in Singapore. Changi Airport is Singapore's pride. There will be many other ways to honour our founding father such as renaming roads in Singapore, or releasing Special editions coins/notes. These, I believe, will be better ways to honour our founding father as we remember him...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Chew Jing Heng 25

Amos Yee, 17, arrested for making insensitive remarks on Christianity and Lee Kuan Yew.

Amos Yee was arrested for making such insensitive remarks on Christianity and Lee Kuan Yew. This came after Lee Kuan Yew passed away on 23 Mar 2015.

I personally have watched the video before it was removed on Youtube. There were many "netizens" criticising Amos Yee's words and the video received many dislikes. The whole nation was mourning the loss of our founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and insensitive and tactless remarks had only made matters worse. It was definitely intolerable for us. Many of us have went on the internet to vent our anger.

There were many remarks on the video. On the Facebook post regarding this incident, a netizen said that even though Amos dislikes Lee Kuan Yew, after all it is  basic courtesy to be respectful to a fellow human being who has just passed away. I do agree with his point of view. It is basic courtesy to respect our founding father who built Singapore from scratch to what it is today. Being disrespectful will only show that one has a poor family upbringing and will only cause embarrassment to the family. Therefore, think before we speak as there will always be a limit and tolerance to everything. 

Jing Jing (23)

Article : Taxi driver who lent $20 to passenger with no money, " I'm embarrassed by all the fuss. "

Source :

This article is about a taxi driver who insisted on giving the passenger, Mr Eden Ang, $20 after learning that he had forgotten to bring his wallet. On Wednesday, 8 April, the 62 years old taxi driver by the name of Mr Ee Teh, drove Mr Ang to an audition. In Mr Ang's post, it was mentioned that Mr Lim provided sweets in his car and gave him a packet of tissue paper. When Mr Ang had reached his destination, he realised that he did not bring his wallet. Mr Lim generously agreed to let him transfer the cab fare to him and also gave him $20 as " it was close to lunch time and he didn't have any money on him. " When interviewed, Mr Lim was reluctant and felt embarrassed by all the fuss.

After reading this article, I felt touched by his small act of kindness. I think that everybody should learn from him and be inspired to strive to display such generosity and kindness. I will like to quote, " he found the attention a little disconcerting.  " Mr Lim is a kind man who does not want to get attention for he believe that he was doing what he ought to do and this solely, proves that it was genuine kindness from the bottom of his heart that led him to help Mr Ang. If it was any ordinary person out there, he might fear that Mr Ang is trying to take a free ride and that it will be a false promise to transfer the money to him later on. This will definitely lead to reluctance in agreeing to Mr Ang and some might even make him contact someone to pay for him before he is allowed to leave. Mr Lim's act is truly commendable and I believe if everyone follow him and show little acts of kindness to others around us, this society will be united.

Yeoh Zi jun 2H

The  article about today is that a cop in US state of south Carolina was slapped with a murder charge. Video footage shown him gunning down a black man who was fleeing. The officer,Michael slager,33, was arrested. There have been a handful of shootings at unarmed black man by officers in these recent months. Racism was clearly exhibited by the officers by targeting black people. I feel outraged at these officers. They are law enforcers. They are supposed to maintain order and discipline. And yet, they themselves created such an uproar with their uncivilisation. I feel enraged at the injustice where white man are able to roam freely without worrying about being shot while the blacks are worrying their minds off at simple daily actions like going out for a walk. Being a black, one can never live a day without worry unless racism is completely exterminated. The people often contradicts themselves. We have been taught by them to respect everyone,no matter the status. Yet they do not preach what they teach. I feel that they should stand in the black people shoes. Like Atticus said, one can never really understand them unless he has walked in their shoes. We do not understand the pain that these people are going through,simply because we are not them. However. Even I, a mere immature fourteen year old boy,is able to know to a certain extent that they are suffering because of our cold hearted actions. So why can't those people who are mature than me, able to understand that? The black people canno voice out their feelings, living in agony. They say that everyone has equal rights, but is that really true? I also feel that the charge was meted out reasonably. If this was to occur in Singapore, our image of a multi racial society will be ruined. Hence I hope that this kind of incident will not occur in Singapore because it simply cannot.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: MPs to suggest in Parliament ways to honour Mr Lee

The issue being discussed is that Singapore's Ministers in Parliament are suggesting ways to honour Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Some of these suggestions include having a Founder's Day and to have Singapore coins or notes bear Mr Lee's image. It is also suggested that Singapore's Changi Airport be renamed after Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Some general observations I made about the issue discussed is that all these suggestions were aimed to give Singaporeans an opportunity to remember the struggles that our country went through in its early years, and to mark the significant contributions that Mr Lee made towards the growth of Singapore to free us of our difficult times.

The writer did not make a stand regarding this issue, but my personal views regarding this matter is that we ought to create memorials in remembrance of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee was indeed a man of great wisdom and visionary leader, having been able to visualize his dreams of making Singapore into a modern city 50 years ago. He worked towards this dream and succeeded, allowing our generation to be able to experience living in a prosperous young nation, without worrying of not being able to have a good education. As such, we should make memorials of some sort to honour his significant contributions to Singapore, in order to let our present and future generations remember that there was a man of great importance to the founding of this modern city. Mr Lee's principles, determination and string will to develop our nation from a mudflat 50 years ago to what is is today, an urban and modernised city is inspiring, and memorials to remember him are definitely a must to remind Singaporeans of present and future generations to continue to contribute to Singapore in one way or another, and to uphold Mr Lee's principles and virtues to pave a path for a better Singapore.

Current affairs luo Tianhong 32

This article was about a man waving at a car to stop, and hurled himself at it without any reason. The driver had a camera at the front of the car and captured the scene. It seems like the man was out to cheat the driver by pretending that he was hit by the car to get compensation. The driver lodged a police report.

I think that this type of actions can be very damaging to a society. The old man is probably trying to scam the driver into giving him money by pretending to be hit by the car. I think that what the old man did was very wrong, as he is manipulating the law. The law is there to secure the rights of everyone, and he is using it to get compensation for something that did not happen. He is misusing the law to scam others into giving him money. If there was not a camera there, he may have succeeded as it would be his word against the drivers. So, what he did was wrong as he was misusing the law, instead of using it to secure his rights, he used it to force others into giving him money which he did not deserve. This is very damaging, not only because of the risk of personal injury, and harming the driver, but also to the society. This incident, if the old man succeeded in scamming the driver, the case would probably attract a lot of attention, and if the old man gained compensation, the society may lose trust in the law. Many people would believe the drivers story, that the old man was scamming him, but the law must give him compensation because there would be no way to prove that the man didn't hit him, and this would cause a outrage among the society. If this happens, and it probably will, then the people would lose trust in the law. The would see that the law can't protect them against the scams, and people would start to be much less inclined to help others, to in any way involve themselves in positions which may incriminate them. This means that they would not dare to stop the car, even if the old man really needs help, and is not faking. This would have a huge detrimental impact on the society, as the people would need to trust the law to be willing to be morally integral, to help others without worrying about scamming, and trust in the knowledge that even if they got scammed, the law would protect them. So, I think that what the old man did was wrong.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 8 April 2015

Nurse charged over Facebook comments 

Source: iPad Straits time 
Published on: 8 April 

The issued discussed here is that a male nurse is charged for several Facebook comments, criticizing Singaporeans and promoting ill will and hostility between Singaporeans and Filipinos in Singapore. Before he was charged and during the investigation, he lied to two officers consecutively at three events. One week after he posted the comments on Facebook, he was fired from his workplace, Tan Tock Seng hospital. Not only he was charged with promoting feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population, he was also charged for providing false information to the police. Both of these mistakes committed lead to fines of up to 5000 per charge and/or up to 3 year jail term. 

The writer did not provide any personal opinions but I feel that since the nurse dared to post such comments about Singaporeans online, he should have the courage to own up to his wrong doing and not cowardly lying about his innocence and even claiming that someone had hacked into his account and posted it on his behalf. I agree that what he has commented may leave an impact on the relationship of Singapore and The Philippines now. The Philipphines authorities may consider his comment and will result in straining our current strong relationship with the Philippines. Besides, nowadays, many Singaporeans depend on a large number of Filipinos to work. Some example is the clinic and domestic helpers. Without these people working in Singapore and helping us, we will not become Green city for all to live in and nobody to take care of when we are sick. Therefore, I feel that the male nurse should have courage to own up to his own mistakes. 

ng tat kit (33)

Issue being discussed here is that 16 year old boy, Amos Yee, posted a video on YouTube named " Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead ". The video went viral. He was then brought to court and was charged with 3 offences of He being disrespectful towards the late Mr Lee and the Christians. His father apologized to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on behalf of his son.
I find that Amos Yee is being very disrespectful. He should have never insulted the founding father of our nation, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He gave up his life for us to build the nation. We could say that without him, Singapore will not be where we are now and still be a fishing village rather than a first world country now.These actions from him is very undesirable. We could have trace back to the past. Without Mr Lee's hard work and contribution, Amos Lee would not have such a skilled ways of speaking, Amos Lee is being very unappreciative.  He compared Mr Lee to Jesus and made very insulting comments, also offending the christian religion. One should never insult others religion, particularly in mixed Singapore, where we are a patchwork of different religions ans races, where this could once again spark riots like the bloody ones in the 1960s. No matter which religion we are in, we should always respect other religions too. Even if Amos Yee was an atheist, he should have never made rude comments on God and Christianity.this act of disrespect will have dire consequences. Firstly, he will be sued and jailed. Secondly, his education and future will be affected. Thirdly, this will bring disgrace to his parents and his family. His parents will be most disappointed and hurt by him. Amos should learn to think before he speaks. He does not show even an iota respectful or chastised when leaving the court. He is still smiling and waving to the cameras. I sincerely hope that he will reflect upon his actions and that his punishment will teach him a good lesson.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tong Yizhi 20 07/04/15

Article: Japanese woman is first centenarian to swim 1,500m
Date of article: 7 April 2015

Issue being discussed: in this article, a japanese woman of age 100 completed the 1500m swim and she is the first to ever done so for her age. She hoped to swim till she turned 105 if she could live that long. Her achievement is expected to be recognized by Guinness World Records. It states that there are nearly 59,000 centenarians in Japan and most of them are physically healthy. Some general observations I have made in Singapore, there are not many elderly seen in Singapore and it is very rare to actually find a centenarian. Furthermore, majority of the elderly who might not even reach 80 yet are physically unhealthy. Compared to Japan, this is a huge gap to me.
The writer states that these centenarians are physically healthy and I agree with him. They can swim, ran and do other things which are very difficult to be done by elderly. These activities are quite vigorous and usually are unsuitable for elderly for they have a weaker heart. If these exercises could actually suits them, this shows they are physically healthy, they might be even healthier than the teenagers nowadays. I think that for this 100 years old lady to complete a 1500m swim is something very impressive to me as even though she is really old, she could do something that I could not do as I do not know how to swim. I think she can actually be our role model, to show that she is 100 years old and yet she can do this, then we who are in our teens should not complain about unable to achieve certain things.
In Singapore, elderly do not usually do such vigorous activities, most of them do activities that are actually quite calming like 'Tai chi' which is very slow and suitable for them. It is very rare for us to actually see an elderly in a swimming pool.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article: 5 April 2015

Article :

Title: Mother In Malaysia Investigated For Negligence After Girl Falls To Death In Mall

Summary : A 6-year-old girl fell through the gap of an escalator at the Kenanga Wholesale City mall will be investigated for negligence.The mother was reportedly having an argument with her husband on the phone when Nurhayada fell to the basement from the second floor and died from severe head injuries.

Response : I believed that the mall was to be blamed for its negligence, but I think that it is more of her mother's fault for being ignorant and did not look out for the safety of her child. It's known that playing with escalators are dangerous and it's common to see parents looking out more for their children around escalators as escalators carry a certain danger to commuters, but the parent of Nurhayada focused on quarreling with her husband instead of looking out more for her children when they are already being very close to the railing and are playing with the escalator handle. This shows the ignorance of the mother, not looking out for her children when they are out of safety boundaries but instead focused on arguements. Thus, I think that this was more of the mother's fault.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

Link to news article:

Summary of article:
A taxi driver molested to female passengers, one of them was molested when she was vomiting. Apparently there were other charges of him forcing other female passengers to go have a drink with him then forcing the girl to stay with him, hugged her, kissed her, even when she showed rejection. He was then jailed 9 months

I feel that for these kind of things to be happening in Singapore is horrendous, disgusting and unforgivable. It appears to me that this taxi driver knows nothing about protecting a girl's modesty and so on. In fact I feel that he should be jailed for even longer, 9 months is definitely not enough time for him to reflect on his actions considering the number of charges that he has for similar things occurring to other female passengers. He really should reflect on his actions, and he has to change his way of thinking about female passengers. These redundant things are growing as each day passes, and something has to be done.