Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ashley Loo (16)

      The issue being discussed here is Leena Goh Heng Ling thinks that cyclists on the roads are a danger to all and cause a possibility for accidents to happen since roads in Singapore are already congested enough and there are still cyclists around. Even if cyclists are moved to the pedestrian walkways, it is still dangerous because the walkway isn't even big in the first place, and pedestrians may be listening to music or watching a video while walking, thus do not know there is a cyclist, or the pedestrian suddenly moves to the left or right. All of these will cause accidents to happen.

      The author made a point of view that cyclist is dangerous to all and I agree with her point. Many accidents have happened because of cyclists. People may not know the existence of the cyclists, especially for the drivers. Cyclists are small as compared to vehicles to begin with and the drivers may not know they are there, thus continue driving and this may cause fatal accidents. The problem still will not be solved when they are moved to the pedestrian walkways because in my opinion, pedestrian walkways are named like that to tell people that it is only for pedestrians to walk, not for cyclists to cycle. Pedestrians will then have a smaller space to walk just because cyclists are cycling on the walkway that they are not supposed to be on. Cyclists being on the pedestrian walkways can injure people too since the space isn't even big for a bicycle and a person. Just a small movement can already injure someone a little. Thus, I agree that cyclists are a danger to all.

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  1. Cycling on roads is indeed dangerous as it poses a hazard to pedestrians, drivers and the cyclist. Several accidents involving cyclists on the roads are reported on the news, and it is often because of collision between cyclists and drivers in cars that lead to the accidents. these accidents often involve the cyclist getting severe injuries, and in worse cases even death. This is a serious consequence of cyclists cycling on the roads, and I feel that there ought to be a separate lane made for cyclists to enjoy themselves instead of putting their lives and other people's safety at risk.