Friday, 17 April 2015

Ashley Loo (16)

1. The issue being discussed here is that there are strong bonds in HDB families where married children still going back to visit their parents frequently while continuing to provide them with financial support. During their visits, they mostly shared meals, exchanged suggestions and advice about personal problems and went on outings together. Even when their family members live quite far from them,they are still willing to visit them often. Another research was about the community bonding. Neighbors in HDB Estates would greet each other but very few of them would engage in closer interaction. 

2. The writer didn't state his/her point of view but here is my point of view. I think that even if you move out of your parents' house and live away from them, we should still go back to visit them despite the distance we live from them. I'm sure that all parents will miss their children when they get married and move out. The parents have done so much for the children and we, children have to just visit them frequently and give them financial support. It isn't that hard afterall. Furthermore, I think that the bond among neighbors is very important too. When your family is away from you, who are the people who are nearest to you now? The answer is neighbors. Neighbors can help you a lot, from taking care of your children to lending or borrowing stuff from each other. Neighbors can be always there for you since I'm sure that someone living at your block will be at home when you need help. Imagine when you're helpless, and you think of the neighbor living beside you, it's like seeing a ray of light in plain darkness. It is definitely wrong if you're cold to your neighbors or not even saying hi to one another. Thus, to conclude, I think that there should be a strong bond in families even though they are not living in the same house anymore and neighbors who are always there for you. 

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  1. I share the same thoughts that bonds between neighbours and family are important. Nowadays, I seldom see neighbours greeting each other along the stretch of corridor or at the void decks. They often treat each other coldly, without acknowledging each other's presence. However, neighbours are most likely the ones who are able to render immediate help to us in times of need as they stay close to us. Hence, I feel that maintaining a strong and trusting bond between our neighbours and us is as important as having a close relationship with our family members. It would not be wrong to treat our neighbours just like our own relatives, as we all live as one big 'family' in our estates and communities.