Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Audrey Yeo (01)

Summary: A couple was charged with seven counts of sedition and one failing to produce documents to a Deputy Superintendent. They are the ones behind The Real Singapore website and published articles which allegedly promoted ill will and hostility between different and classes. For example, claiming China women coming to Singapore to hook men up.

Reflections: I feel that it was intolerant of the couple to make such cynical remarks on people of different religion, race, class. In my opinion, these are acts of discrimination and their articles are reinforcing the stereotype prejudice views that Singaporeans might already instilled in them.
Furthermore, TSR claims that their objective 'is to instil fear in companies and making them think twice before hiring foreigners without really considering our Singaporean workforce' and yet, the boyfriend is a Singaporean student and the girlfriend is an Australian. Most of their articles denigrates foreigners in Singapore. Articles could be written by one of them but either way it would seem like an irony. The Singaporean student would be directing to his girlfriend who is a foreigner too, while the girlfriend would be directing these articles to herself because she is a foreigner. If the netizens points these ironies out, I am sure the couple would become laughingstocks. Singapore is not only multi racial society but also a society which accepts foreigers and try our best to help them earn a living. It is only right that we correct our prejudice mindset and start to appreciate people to preserve our multi racial society.

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  1. I agree with Audrey that acts of discrimination are intolerant and it only reinforces the stereotype prejudice views that Singaporeans have towards foreigners. When Singapore draws in foreigners, we are not only benefiting them by providing work opportunities, it is also to our advantage as our working population would be capable of sustaining huge ageing population and allow our economy to continue to flourish. Hence, Singaporeans must learn to show tolerance towards foreigners and the least we could do is to respect them.