Friday, 3 April 2015

Audrey Yeo (1)

The Straits Times 

Mother of Amos Yee, teen arrested for insensitive remarks on Christianity in video, says son is beyond control

Summary: A 17 year old teenager made insensitive remarks on Christianity and celebrated the death of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, in an 8 minute long video on YouTube. More than 20 people, including his own mother, has made a police report have been lodged against him over the video. 

In my opinion, it was an imprudent act to make atheism remarks and criticize the nation leader almost everyone looks up to, furthermore, in a YouTube video. His foolishness has lead him to face charges in court. I feel that his parents were incapable of bringing up their son causing him to have such disgusting acts. They might want to tell him more about Mr Lee's contributions to Singapore and he can probably be more appreciative. As a believer of Jesus Christ, I feel offended by his insults on my religion. However, since we are constantly taught to forgive, I do hope he would change his ways and think before acting. 

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  1. I agree with Audrey that Amos Lee had display insensitivity towards Singaporeans, as well as Christians. Amos Lee had foolishly disrespected our founding father, Mr Lee, who had devoted his life for the success of Singapore we see today. It is very much impressive for a leader like Mr Lee to transform Singapore from a 3rd to 1st world country in just within 30 over years. This requires iron passion as a leader, and also think of ways to improve the lives of the citizens. Amos Lee had been rude towards Jesus and Mr Lee by swaying that they appear good outside but had little substance inside. This is a bad example of a Singaporean who gains fame in the incorrect way. This is partially the fault of his upbringing, and the obsession with social media. I hope history will not repeat itself again.