Wednesday, 1 April 2015

chua xinyue (4) 1.4.15

issue discussed : 16-year-old amos yee made nasty comments about christianity and late mr lee on youtube. he hoped that mr lee kuan yew would not rest in peace. he was charged with 3 offences. when in court, he did not have a representer. he had a police bail of $20000. amos' father, who was very apologetic for his child's behaviour, was unemployed a month ago.

feelings : i find amos absolutely irresponsible and childish as he did not only offend an entire swarm of audience, but he also implicated his parents into paying a huge sum of money to bail him out of jail. this act is very immature as he should have thought about the consequences before posting the video virally. his tone and attitude was extremely unacceptable as he insulted not only mr lee kuan yew, but also mr lee hsien loong. he should have saw this coming and should not have done so as his father had been recently unemployed, and amos, being 16 years old, should know that he should not add on any more trouble for his parents.

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  1. I agree with Xin Yue comments about this incident. I also feel that he was too immature to post this, without considering the consequences he will face later on. Besides, it is unwise of him to post this online during the mourning week as many people will be greatly affected by the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and will definitely trigger many peoples' attention. Even though he may feel happy about Mr Lee's passing, he should keep it to himself since we all know that Mr Lee means a lot to us and we, as Singaporeans respect him a lot. However, I feel that he should not be allowed to have a police bail as what he did was exceptionally unacceptable. Mr Lee is our founding father and without him, we would not be living in a metropolis and he, Amos Lee would not be sitting in his room making a video criticizing Mr Lee and Christianity.