Saturday, 18 April 2015

chua xinyue (4) 18.4.15

issue being discussed : amos yee's parents were unwilling to pay his bails and he posted online to ask for donations as he claimed that he has only $70 in his bank account. if he was not bailed today, he has to be in remand for the weekend. the judge said that while amos' case was still ongoing, he must refrain from posting any content. he was eating a banana and waving to reporters when he arrived at court.

feelings : i find it utterly disgusting that amos yee is not ashamed by his acts and still dares to ask people to donate for his bails. this act strongly grossed me out as he should not ask others to donate to get him out of remand for insulting the late mr lee kuan yew and attacking christianity. he should be grateful and feel lucky to have not been taken to the boys' home or get caned. it also impacted me that he dared to wave at the reporters with much friendliness when he knew he was going into the court to face the dire consequences of his acts. does he not feel the shame? 

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  1. I also feel disgusted by Amos Yee's acts and he was not ashamed of any of them. Not only that, there are even people supporting him and willing to help him out for his bails which he had shamefully asked for donations online. Even when he was on the way to the court, he was still waving at the reporters with a big smile and eating a banana, not showing a least of guilt. I am extremely curious if he was actually anticipating the punishment for his acts as he does not seem to worry about it. Even if he isn't satisfied with Mr Lee Kuan Yew or any other religion, etc, he should rant it online as it can get him into serious trouble like now.